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Pulse of Naperville Music Scene – Prayer and rockin’ rebellion


I’ve come to find that being involved in the world of music, especially rock and roll, can expose you to a wealth of debauchery. Artists are free spirits and rebels that dance to the beat of their own drum, often sacrificing morality at the same time. When I was introduced to a band called Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, I was exposed to a whole new style of rebellion. 

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh—or GFM as they are known—are a trio of sisters that dress like zombie cheerleaders and play music that is heavier than Andre The Giant in his prime. The kind of rebellion they bring to the world of rock and roll is through their Christian beliefs. In a world that is often known for sex and drugs, GFM advocate for mental health awareness and prayer groups. Managed by their parents and regularly traveling across the country on a tour bus, these young women have given new light to the world of hard rock and metal music.

Their names are CJ, Maggie, and LuLu, and I had a chance to interview them and see them perform at Aurora’s new The Piazza venue (formerly The Foundry). Their ages range from 18-22 years old, they write their own music, and they regularly hold prayer groups with fans on their Patreon page. Two of the girls have Master’s Degrees, which they achieved while touring and running band operations.

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You can’t find a more level-headed and caring band, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one as musically heavy.

After every performance the girls talk with fans and make sure that everyone is in a healthy mental space. They talk openly and pray with young adoring fans.

Upon leaving, CJ asked if there were anything for which she could pray for me.

How’s that for a little rock and roll rebellion?

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Scott "Dr. Music" Itter
Scott "Dr. Music" Itterhttp://DrMusic.org
Scott Itter resides in the Willowgate subdivision with his wife, Barbara, and their two children. Contact Scott at DrMusic@wowway.com.


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