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Tribute to Mo & Mike


In Memoriam

Maureen McNulty Krol

(December 1, 1953 – April 30, 2022)

With much love, we’re remembering our wonderful, wise and witty friend, Maureen “Mo” Krol, who wrote a column, “Mo and Mike on the Move,” with her husband, Mike Krol, before they moved to Arizona in 2014.

During Mo’s memorial visitation at Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home on May 25, 2022, one of her many friends suggested we reprint the column written by the longtime Naperville residents just prior to their move. Their calming, connecting and creative ways also have been saved in PN’s archive online.

Mo & Mike on the Move with Many Memories

This is probably the hardest column Mike and I have ever written, but it’s time to send it off to Positively Naperville.

This is our last one ever. We are moving to Arizona. This was not an easy decision.

Mike and I have loved Naperville for our entire 25 years of marriage. We have developed great friends, have wonderful neighbors and have always appreciated the wonderful amenities we have here in the community. But it’s time to downsize and move closer to the kids and grandkids. (Of course, the last winter had a little to do with it, too!)

Mike was the one who really gave all to the community – on the Chamber of Commerce, the board for Little Friends, the chair of Naper Days, Chairman of the Board for Naperville Heritage Society, on the golf committee for the St. Patrick’s golf outing, and probably more that I can’t remember. But we were always a two-for-one deal – if one volunteered, the other was automatically one of the resources for each event. And most importantly – we had fun!

For a big city, Naperville is really a small town that relies on friends and families to help each other out and to develop new activities for the community at large. We have talked to people that live in other communities and have never, never heard of any other community that matches Naperville in the enthuastic response to volunteerism. It’s only here – just keep it going.

We will be back for visits – so Hugo’s, Quigley’s, Mesón Sabika and Sullivan’s will have to gear up for when we descend on our friends.

But the place I will miss the most is Casey’s Foods (I think I was there at least every other day). There is nothing like Casey’s in Arizona and it is going to be a tough adjustment.

Tears are coming now, so we will end, but if anyone would like to see the Naperville photos (and others) that Mike has been doing for years, he is working to launch a website at MichaelKrolPhotography.com.

We will miss you with love,

Mo and Mike

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