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Celebrate LIZZY’s 10th Anniversary on June 9


Submitted by Bernie Slupik for Lizzy’s Fund

As we celebrate Lizzy’s 10th anniversary, we are thrilled to have been awarded a coveted Bake Sale date during the Naperville Municipal Band’s concert series on Thursday evening, June 9. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate Lizzy’s 10th anniversary of the creation of the Fund and we are honored to be part of Naperville’s heritage. Since 1859, the Naperville Municipal Band has been a part of the rich history and tradition of Naperville. The Band generously allows nonprofit organizations to host a bake sale during their summer concert series. 

These outdoor concerts are lots of fun and well attended. The Band provides amazing outdoor entertainment for people of all ages in Naperville’s Central Park. Friends and families gather to hear wonderful music and picnic in the Park before and during the concert. We truly appreciate the opportunity to sell baked goods at the concert; therefore enabling us to replenish our reserves so we can continue our good work. 

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Celebrating their 10-year anniversary on June 1, 2022, Lizzy’s Fund looks back at a successful decade of helping homeless senior canines in our community. It is also special because June will be a matching contribution month wherein all donations are 100% matched; making our donors generosity go doubly far! During these 10 years, Lizzy’s legacy has been to provide care to senior dogs (aged 7 and older) in shelters and rescues in order to get the help that they need to become healthy and whole and therefore able to find forever homes.

The organization’s name honors a spunky little Chihuahua who lived a rich 16-1/2 years. Lizzy’s health was in jeopardy at age 9, but her family refused to give up on her. Rather than euthanizing her, they sought alternative medical care, which gave her an additional 7-1/2 wonderful years. After her passing, Lizzy’s family initiated the charity to help other senior dogs. Even though the dogs may come to Lizzy’s Fund from the direst or saddest of circumstances, Lizzy’s memory lives on through the lives of over 400 senior pups during the last decade. Her legacy has not only graced the dogs she’s helped rescue, but it’s enriched the lives of the kind people who open their hearts and homes to adopt these worthy seniors too. We celebrate that little Chihuahua whose memory lives on.

As we celebrate Lizzy, we are honored to be part of Naperville’s heritage and truly appreciate the opportunity to be able to continue our efforts. Please join us on Thursday, June 9, and enjoy some amazing baked goods and drinks.

Although the concert starts at 7:30PM, people begin gathering in the Park after 5PM to visit and enjoy a picnic. We look forward to seeing you and visiting with you then!

Editor’s Note / The June 9 concert kicks off the summer series of Naperville Municipal Band Concerts at 7:30PM every Thursday through Aug. 11, 2022, in Central Park. Congratulations to Lizzy’s Fund!

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