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Catch neighbors having fun, doing good deeds at May Watts Park


Above / First catch of the day, May 29, 2022, is a big bass. And a selfie helps record the family fun.

Reelin’ in the big bass became Dad’s job…

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Oh! What fun it’s been watching a family of four during their first time fishing this season.

Compared to her brother’s big bass, the youngster claims she caught a “baby fish” in the sport of catch and release.

More than likely, the family caught their catch of the year when they snagged a big bass within ten minutes after they’d arrived at May Watts Park.

Worms came from Walmart. Hint: Before purchasing, be sure to check the container for live bait.

Naperville is blessed with park settings and forest preserves that give families and visitors a chance to feel as through they’re “a million miles from Monday,” to use a slogan from an ad campaign to promote Illinois back in the mid-1990s.

Go Fish!

More than ever, a good getaway with fishing buddies provides a release from the pressures of daily life. 

Coupled with the human need to connect with other individuals as well as the joys of experiencing simple pleasures, fishing also teaches patience.

‘Be patient and calm; no one can catch fish in anger.’ —Herbert Hoover

Here’s another note about fishing: The best time of the day when, according to the Farmer’s Almanac formula, fish will be biting is morning and evening. Of course, local conditions, depth of water, and weather likely will affect every fishing experience.

Help to clean up litter around May Watts Park is appreciated

Local residents have watched this goldfish grow for a decade. Recently it was caught and released back into the pond at May Watts Park. The other day the big fish was spotted swimming near the shore. Go fish! (Photo by Wendy Schild)

While on the trail heading out of May Watts Park, resident Wendy Schild wanted the community to know that she observed another family of four picking up litter around May Watts Park. And she’s grateful.

During these tough times of finding help to keep parks clean, neat and grass mowed, every little bit of litter pick up in the park helps, Schild said.

A recent news release from the Naperville Park District noted several reasons that staff has been challenged in addressing mowing needs this spring.

First, the District is short staffed during its busiest season. This is an issue that many other businesses are facing and the Park District, unfortunately, is not immune.

Second, the weather has been challenging. Although we are currently in a drier period, we just emerged from a very rainy period and now turf and plants are growing quickly.

Third, staff is still catching up. During the very rainy phase just a week or so ago, staff had to defer a lot of outdoor maintenance work and is now catching up on those tasks as well.

“We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as our staff continues to diligently address the mowing and maintenance needs across our parks and facilities,” said Executive Director Brad Wilson. “We also want to remind everyone that if you are interested in working for a great organization, please view our job opportunities at www.napervilleparks.org/employment.”

Have a safe and thoughtful Memorial Day Weekend.

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