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Naperville Salutes banner program honors local military, past and present


Above / During March and April, plans for a personalized banner program, “Naperville Salutes,” were presented to various organizations by Dick Dublinski, Director of Naperville Public Works. Many of the banners in the city’s beautification program now are displayed to commemorate the service of Naperville’s military heroes, past and present. The program is expected to be ongoing. Banners will be created internally by Department of Public Works. (PN Photos) 

The past couple week’s we’ve noticed the new “Naperville Salutes” banners are going up, up, up along Jefferson Avenue and Mill Street, and others are hanging near the Jaycees Playground and the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion. Plan a walk. Look up to see 150 two-sided banners prominently displayed throughout the downtown area. 

Just in time for Memorial Day on May 30, Naperville Salutes recognizes and pays tribute to Naperville’s military heroes for their sacrifice and service through this new street banner program.  This joint effort between the City of Naperville, VFW, Naperville Public Arts Task Force, Naperville Park District, Naperville Heritage Society, Freedom Heroes of Naperville and Naperville Responds for Veterans serves as a living tribute for the Naperville community to honor past and present members of the Armed Forces and their family members.

When all are up, the banners will be prominently displayed on Jefferson Avenue from Mill Street to the river, Mill Street from the BNSF train tracks to Jackson Street, on the Naperville Riverwalk near Centennial Beach and in Central Park in downtown Naperville.

Cycle #1 now thru mid-July / Cycle #2 Late August thru Veterans Day

All honoree information and photos, including those not displayed in the current banner cycle, will also be displayed on the Naperville Salutes banner location map at www.naperville.il.us/naperville-salutes. When banners are removed, it is the intention of the City to present the banner to the honoree’s family. 

Submit digital image of honoree in official uniform

To nominate a Veteran, visit www.naperville.il.us/naperville-salutes to fill out a nomination form. The program requires the submission of a high-resolution digital image of the honoree in official uniform. By nominating a family member, the requestor is giving the City permission to include the information on the banner and website. To be eligible, a Veteran, living or deceased, must have resided in Naperville at some point in his or her life.

Applicants selected at random

Due to the limited number of banner sites available, applicants will be selected at random. Chosen applicants will be notified by City staff once an installation date has been determined. Nominees who are not chosen for the 2022 calendar year will be placed on a waiting list for future installations. Completing a nomination form does not guarantee reservation or banner approval. 

For complete program details and guidelines, and to nominate a Veteran, visit www.naperville.il.us/naperville-salutes.

Thanks to all!


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