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North Central College Launches New Applied Health Sciences Degree Program


Above / New Applied Health Sciences Degree program is featured 100% online for health care professionals looking to advance their careers and can be completed in two academic years. Students will major in Applied Health Sciences as they work toward earning their Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree.

North Central College has introduced a new Applied Health Sciences degree program for health care professionals looking to take their careers to the next level. The program was designed as an opportunity for certified health care workers with an associate’s degree to earn their bachelor’s degree and be able to advance within their current profession, or continue on to a graduate health science degree program. The program will be offered 100% online and can be completed in two academic years. Students will major in Applied Health Sciences as they work toward earning their Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree.

Dr. Troy Hammond, President North Central College

“North Central College has made incredible strides in recent years developing into a major player in preparing the next generation of health care professionals in our region,” said President Troy D. Hammond. “We’ve entered into a new phase of this journey with the launch of our comprehensive Applied Health Sciences program, which was designed with working professionals in mind. The program aims to fill a gap that has long existed for health care workers looking to sharpen their skills and reach the next level of their careers without having to put their lives on hold.”

Eligible students must have already earned an Associate in Science (A.S.) or Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree, and have obtained certification within their respective health care field. The program is designed to build upon the base of knowledge that students have built through their prior degree program and practical work experience, enabling them to deepen their expertise within the health care field and contribute their knowledge and skills in a highly collaborative learning environment.

“Many hospital and health care systems require a bachelor’s degree for promotion and continuing advancement,” said Marci J. Swede, Ph.D., dean of the School of Education and Health Sciences at North Central College. “There are an untold number of dedicated health care professionals currently in the workforce—many with families and other obligations—who face roadblocks toward career advancement because they don’t hold the requisite degree. North Central’s Applied Health Sciences program was designed specifically for those individuals. It will enable them to remain in the workforce while being part of a transformative and interprofessional learning experience where they’ll cultivate new skills and advance their knowledge and expertise.”

North Central’s Applied Health Sciences program features

  • 100% online model designed to be completed in two academic years
  • Opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree while building upon the knowledge students have previously obtained through prior degree and professional experience
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum featuring courses in research, ethics, psychology and leadership
  • Bridge opportunities into graduate health sciences programs

Bridge Opportunities to Graduate Healthcare Programs

Qualified students who earn their bachelor’s degree in Applied Health Sciences may use their major as a “bridge” or “direct entry” opportunity into identified graduate health care programs at North Central College. This is made possible by completing pre-requisite courses and meeting the necessary standards. North Central offers the following graduate health profession degrees:

Program Details and Contact

For more information about a North Central College’s Applied Health Sciences program, visit northcentralcollege.edu/program/applied-health-sciences.

Questions can be directed to Kristin Ann Paloncy-Patel, assistant professor of health sciences, at (630) 637-5515 or kapaloncypatel@noctrl.edu.

North Central College since 1861

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Submitted by Kelly Murphy, Associate Director, Communication & PR, for North Central College.

Editor’s Note / North Central College will celebrate its graduating Class of 2022 with an in-person Commencement ceremony at noon on Sunday, May 8. Note that the processional will begin at 11:40AM.

This year’s ceremony will return to its traditional format, with a single ceremony honoring all graduates at the College’s Residence Hall/Recreation Center. The ceremony also will be livestreamed. Watch live online at youtube.com/northcentralcollege.

North Central College Residence Hall/Recreation Center is located at 440 S. Brainard St.



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