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North Central College announces new partnership with Illinois Network of Charter Schools


New educational partnership with Illinois Network of Charter Schools aims to expand program outreach for its Cultures of Character Initiatives. (PN Photo)

North Central College’s School of Education and Health Sciences and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies have forged a partnership with Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) to promote character education. The partnership will provide a 20 percent tuition discount for educators employed by INCS charter schools who enroll in select master’s degree programs at North Central.

Abiódún Gòkè-Pariolá

“The mission and vision of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools is to leverage the charter school model as a catalyst to transform lives and communities. This aligns well with North Central’s Cultures of Character Initiatives, which are designed to help educators, administrators and community members develop social, emotional and ethical competencies to influence transformation in themselves and others,” said Abiódún Gòkè-Pariolá, provost and vice president for academic affairs at North Central College.

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Gòkè-Pariolá continued, “We look forward to working with INCS to offer professional development resources like our Character Education Certificate and our Leadership Academy as well as our Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership. This partnership creates a synergy which benefits educators and students and also contributes to flourishing communities.”

North Central College is committed to inspiring well-equipped and responsible educators and leaders. Through a 4.5-year, $3.2 million grant—the College’s largest private grant ever—North Central has launched character initiatives designed to have a lasting impact on educators, aspiring leaders, and administrators. These initiatives focus on social, emotional, and ethical competencies with an ultimate goal to nurture and foster Cultures of Character in the school systems in which they serve.

“During these challenging times we are excited to partner with North Central College to provide educators with more training and support in a variety of professional development areas,” said Allison Jack, director of charter growth and support at Illinois Network of Charter Schools.

For more information about North Central College’s character initiatives, visit www.northcentralcollege.edu/character-initiatives.

Submitted by Kelly Murphy, Associate Director, Communication and PR, for North Central College.

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