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Apply now to host bake sale at Naperville Municipal Band Concert this summer


Above / The Naperville Municipal Band now is accepting applications for sponsors of its Thursday evening concert bake sales, June 9 through Aug. 11. Apply by April 22, 2022, in order to be included in the lottery. In 2021, Lizzy’s Fund hosted one of the bake sales.

The Naperville Municipal Band is now accepting application letters for concert bake sale sponsors for the band concerts in Central Park this summer. Concerts are held at 7:30PM on Thursdays from June 9 through August 11. Any nonprofit organization serving the Naperville community is eligible to apply.

To apply, kindly fill out the Google form at:  https://forms.gle/JGBobhURE4pB1Z397

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Sweet memories from 2021 put New Start Dog Rescue in the spotlight to raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit. (PN File Photo 2021)

The form requests that every applicant provide the organization’s name, a brief explanation of its purpose, and the contact information for the organization’s president or concert bake sale chairperson.

“If there are any dates during the summer that your group will not be able to sponsor a bake sale because of other commitments, please include that as well,” said NMB member and Concert Bake Sale Chair Rachel Israel.

All applications (online or paper) must be received by Fri., April 22, 2022, to be eligible for the lottery.

Any organization that would prefer to send a paper application letter via USPS is welcome to send application to: Concert Bake Sale Chairperson, Naperville Municipal Band, P.O. Box 474, Naperville, IL 60566.

Applications may be emailed as well. Email application letters to rachel.israel314@gmail.com.

Every summer concert season, a variety of nonprofits are chosen by lottery to host one of the bake sales in Central Park. (PN File Photo 2021)

For more information, email info@napervilleband.org or visit  www.napervilleband.org/.

Naperville Municipal Band since 1859 / Winter Concert is March 20

The Naperville Municipal Band was established in 1859. With the Community Concert Center in Naperville’s Central Park as its home base, the band entertains thousands of listeners every summer with its free weekly concerts, in addition to three seasonal concerts held inside for fall, winter and spring concerts. 

Under the leadership of Conductor and Music Director Ron Keller, selections in the Winter Concert program also will be led by Assistant Conductor Emily Binder and Assistant Conductor René Rosas. (PN File Photo)

Up next is the annual Winter Naperville Municipal Band Concert set for 3PM Sun., March 20, at Wentz Concert Hall. Concerts are approximately 60 to 90 minutes. All concerts are free of admission.

Wentz Concert Hall is located in the North Central College Fine Arts Center, 171 E. Chicago Avenue, just steps from downtown Naperville.

Learn more at www.napervilleband.org.


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