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Real Estate Logic – How to get top dollar when selling your home


As you get ready to sell your home, you will be very hopeful that you receive a handsome price. Nobody wants to hear that their home has drawbacks that could limit its attractiveness to potential buyers. Who needs to hear negatives when you are trying to think only positive thoughts? Everyone is sensitive to anything that sounds like criticism of themselves, their family or possessions. Yet, if you really want top dollar for your home, you must be willing to listen to the advice of professionals.

The items most likely to be mentioned by your real estate agent are décor, cleanliness and condition.

DECOR: Obviously, you have the right to decorate your home to suit your tastes and life-style. From a selling perspective, it might be advisable to consider painting certain rooms to appeal to the typical buyer. For example, you may sell sooner for a higher price if you replace a strong carpet color with a neutral color. Too much furniture or over-stuffed closets often make a home appear smaller and less desirable.

CONDITION: Though you have gotten along just fine with your ten-year-old appliances, your kitchen may not measure up to the newer kitchens that buyers are seeing in your price range. So, you have a decision to make. Do you leave things as they are and reduce the asking price or replace them and compete for the highest possible price?

CLEANLINESS: Although this is one of the touchiest topics to address with any homeowner, clean homes seller faster and closer to the list price. Let’s face it, some people are better housekeepers than others. Cleanliness can also be affected by the number of people living in the house. Most importantly, cleanliness pertains to the outside as well as inside and first impressions are crucial.

ADVICE: In today’s market where over 90% of buyers are searching on the Internet long before they even call a Realtor, they are prejudging the properties they view by the photos that are posted and the last thing that you want is for a potential buyer to totally discount your home before ever stepping across the threshold because of the photos they see on the Internet. Whatever your situation, be open-minded to any observations or suggestions that might improve the desirability of your home. Engage a professional Realtor from the get-go and let them coach you to a successful finish.

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Gary Leavenworth
Gary Leavenworthhttp://www.garyleavenworth.com/
Gary Leavenworth is a broker at Coldwell Banker in Naperville specializing in residential real estate. Contact him at gary@garyleavenworth.com.

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