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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation: February is First Look for Charity at the Chicago Auto Show


by Marina Romanelli
Turning Pointe Autism Foundation Graduate and Teammate

The Chicago Auto Show “First Look” is set for Fri., Feb. 11. What a spectacle to behold! Beautiful Cars, fantabulous food and delicious cocktails – it’s a night to remember!

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation puts on a gorgeous event every year (except last year because of COVID). This is all made possible by my teammates and our generous sponsors. They all put in so much work to make this event possible. Hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and entertainment are all spectacular, to say the least.

Turning Pointe has been invited to The Chicago Auto Show for First Look for eight years. Turning Pointe is one of 15 local charities from around Chicagoland participating in this event. First Look is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a little sneak peek at the Auto Show before it opens to the public. We start out the night by dressing up in black-tie clothing. In other words, fancy-schmancy clothes.

We have a little mixer before we all move to the main show floor to go look at all of the marvelously beautiful cars and SUVs. I forgot to mention that there are all kinds of food and drinks served, not just in the hall where we are, but on the showroom floor as well.

While we wait for the main event to start, we usually have a couple of speeches. One is always being given by our brilliantly positive, cheerful director Carrie Provenzale. Another sometimes is presented by the people that made Turning Pointe Autism Foundation possible, Randy and Kim Wolf.

We also have our Board President Howard Weiss say a few words. He talks about the progress we have made as a whole, and our individual successes as well. And then we all disperse for a fun evening of entertainment out on the show floor.

One really cool thing about First Look is that 90% of your ticket goes straight to Turning Pointe. How awesome is that? It’s a really fun, cool event that Turning Pointe gets to participate in. I go every year, (I’ve only been here about 4 years.) but it’s never boring, always super colorful, and just something different to experience.

If you have the chance to go, please do and think of Turning Pointe if you can!

You can purchase tickets for First Look through our website, www.turningpointeautismfoundation.org/firstlook.

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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
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Established in 2007 to raise the quality of educational supports for children and young adults with autism, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation creates best practice learning environments to increase independence, improve communication and socially appropriate behaviors.

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