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Sales Focus – 22 sales tips to heat up your sales


  1. Conduct a Year-End Review.  Compare 2021 results with last year. Are you down or up? Does every customer buy your three bestselling services or products?
  2. Develop a 2022 Plan. Look at 2021 results and develop a monthly plan. Obtain better results in 2022.
  3. Be Accountable. Review results every month and make adjustments if necessary.
  4. Manage Your Time. Ask yourself, “Is this activity the best use of my time?”
  5. Get Organized. File it or toss it. Don’t stack it.
  6. Always be Networking. It’s not about who you know; it’s about who knows you.
  7. Be Prepared. Write down objections and include them in your next presentation.
  8. Pick Up the Phone. Set the appointment or close the sale. Call those suspects and prospects who said, “Follow up after the holidays.”
  9. 3 B’s of selling. Be Bright. Be Brief. Be Gone.
  10. Listen More. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.
  11. Say, “Thank You!” People like to feel appreciated.
  12. Set Your Objectives. Know what you want and why you want it.
  13. Hustle. Procrastination is a five-syllable word for lazy.
  14. Give Your Professional Best. Love what you do. Make your presentation so compelling they are ready to buy before you are done. Dress for success.
  15. Follow Up. Create trust and demonstrate you are serious. Follow up can turn a no into a yes.
  16. Continuous Improvement. Focus on what you do best and continue to get better.
  17. Understand What the Buyer’s Goals Are. Help her get good results.
  18. Watch for Buying Signals. Ask trial-closing questions throughout the sales process to achieve good results.
  19. Always be Positive and Enthusiastic. If you wake up and are anything less than enthusiastic, go back to bed.
  20. Make Plans Not Resolutions. Our next business will be a fitness center for January and a pub for February to December.
  21. Use Humor. Told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made me an appointment for Tuesday. Everybody is busy, stressed, overwhelmed and under-appreciated. Laughter is the best medicine.
  22. Expect to succeed. If you think you are not going to get the sale, you won’t. “I am going to get the buzzer-beating-three-pointer from downtown!”

Working out of a home office during winter has many distractions. For 17 years I was tempted to shovel the driveway, stow the Christmas decorations, or some other low payoff activity. Stay disciplined; use these 22 sales tips in 2022 and Heat Up Your Sales!

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.

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