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Metea Valley Collage


During early December, Metea Valley High School had its annual Collage concert to celebrate all the students that are taking part of our schools music program, as well as perform beautiful music for our community. Collage is an hour-and-a-half concert full of performances that seamlessly blend together. This year was especially exciting because Collage was canceled last year due to Covid-19.

In an attempt to make up for last year, MVHS students put an extra amount of vigor into this year’s performance. Senior Sanjana Sivakumar felt that “the usual excitement of collage was amplified after last year’s disappointment.”

Collage is often a highlight of our students’ and teachers’ year in regard to music, so its absence last year was felt deeply, especially by our seniors. One of the reasons Collage is so important to students and staff at Metea Valley is because it is the only concert that displays almost every single one of our music classes, both curricular and extracurricular.

This program includes bands, choirs, orchestras, percussion ensembles, and many more unique groups.

Altogether, more than 900 students performed across 28 different ensembles. This special presentation was made possible because of our school’s deep dedication to music and the fine arts.

As of right now, nearly a third of all students enrolled at Metea Valley take part in our music program. The 2021 concert was everything we have come to expect from Collage and more, and our entire music department is very grateful for everyone from our community who attended.

Collage is a time to make memories, reach out in our community, and make some great music. Thank you for giving us the chance to share it with you.

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Otto Ives
Otto Ives
Otto Ives attends high school in School District 204 where he is a senior.

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