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Friday, August 12, 2022

Journey with Autism – Score 20 wins every season


Who can predict the future? No one knows what lies ahead. We can only hold onto hope that life blesses us with bigger dreams and better days.

Almost everyone slipped into the new reality of masks and fleeing crowds, and we did life differently than ever before. A very dear friend, Phil Beans, who works to train my body and my mind brought me a challenge. He said that 20 wins in a season of college basketball is a winning year. He asked me to find twenty things I did last year that represented a win. It wasn’t very easy.

As I reflected back, I realized I had brought much darkness into my mind during 2021. Like so many, I was frustrated and sad that life meant not doing many of the things I loved.

Summer brought better days, but soon we saw variants, and my mind darkened again. My dear friend held my hand and walked me into how truly successful I mainly was. He said that a win was learning something new, successfully overcoming a fear, making a new friend.

I’m absolutely knowing this exercise has changed the way I’m looking forward at my life. Small wins bring on a winning year! Never before have I realized the value of this exercise as much as I do right now. And my mind is filled with hope that I can control one thing: my wins!

One more thing… Phil Beans is sort of a life coach personal trainer who works with kids! He has a wholistic philosophy to working out that incorporates neuroscience and movement to help youth love to move while improving focus and self esteem. It’s called Phil’s Drills. He’s a truly amazing guy! And he’s almost 7 feet tall! He’s made such a positive difference in my life. Even my mom took the challenge!

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Joe Rosenbloom
Joe Rosenbloom
Joe Rosenbloom is a 29-year-old young man with autism spectrum disorder, who is passionate about outreach and social justice.

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