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January Editor’s Notes


Above – Below / Much like a visit to the Naperville Riverwalk where individuals can get a clear view of chatty squirrels and other wildlife playing among the trees lining the DuPage River, Bob Ross paintings were inspired by nature with branches of wit and wisdom. The Bob Ross Experience is currently on exhibit at the Minnetrista Cultural Center in Muncie, Indiana. It’s also on YouTube.

Despite many shared obstacles, we made it through another year, pondering our progress every single day throughout the pandemic. As we think of family and friends, our thoughts are focused on a hope for gentler, kinder times in 2022, seeking trust, truth and good health for everyone who spreads good will and a passion for freedom.

We’re also wondering how 2022 will take on its voice. What lessons have we learned since Jan. 22, 2020, the date Coronavirus first entered our vocabulary on a daily basis?

But wait! Let’s take an about face. We’d rather cherish the memories from the holidays spent with my brother’s family in Muncie, Ind. And for the first time tell about our enlightening experience while taking a tour of the studio where teacher and painter Bob Ross shared his chatty wit and soft-spoken wisdom while painting happy clouds, mountains and trees—sometimes with a squirrel in his pocket—for a period of time until his PBS television show ended in 1994.

Seeing each of those paintings up close that Bob Ross had created in 22 minutes, surrounded by his most famous quotes, was indeed an inspiring calm way, complete with mistakes, to kick off 2022.

“Trees are like people. They have personalities—each one’s different, each one’s individual. If your tree doesn’t look like mine, that means it’s probably better.” —Bob Ross

From this date forward, our aim continues to be to publish credible information, mindful and faithful to keep calm for the benefit of all ages. Stay informed, remain focused on important responsibilities, and use commonsense in the best interests of good health and safety for the community every step of the way. And we’ve enjoyed many experiences that have enriched our lives.

“Friends are the most valuable things in the world, and even a little tree needs a friend.” —Bob Ross

Cheers to local enterprise and 2022

Thanks, too, for supporting local merchants, restaurateurs, bankers and service providers—likely some of your family, friends and neighbors —whenever possible. More than ever, every small and independent business owner appreciates your patronage during these uncertain and challenging times of sporadic lockdowns when forecasters predict inflation is just beginning.

Also, if online shopping with home delivery is your preference, be mindful that most Naperville businesses host websites, provide online sales and want to serve you. Thanks for checking local businesses to learn what products and services are available before ordering from some enterprise in Timbuktu. Many will deliver right to your door in the same day. Simply ask.

We’re mindful not to take anything for granted, especially our advertisers and contributing columnists, in print and online. Thanks to all.

No matter where you stand, brilliant sunshine showcases strength and structure along the Naperville Riverwalk, our city’s natural treasure. Let’s count our blessings, be vigilant and stay calm.

As always, thanks for reading.

Stephanie Penick, PN Publisher

A couple photos from the tour of the Bob Ross Experience…

Pillows strategically placed throughout the exhibit include quotes by Bob Ross. This one includes a message from one his fans that tells what a blessing his soft-spoken style had been for her pain relief and relaxation. 
The Bob Ross Experience is presented in a historic house, once the family home of Lucius L. Ball, a physician in Muncie, Ind. The house built in the late 1800s is where artist, educator and entrepreneur Bob Ross filmed his TV series, “The Joy of Painting” for a period of time. The tour also provides a look into the Ball Corporation, well-known for manufacturing Ball Mason Jars, as well as the homes of the five Ball family children, all part of the story told at Minnetrista Cultural Center and Gardens.


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