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Popular teller wraps up 51 years in the banking business


Above / Naperville Bank & Trust Lead Teller Eileen Sullivan is retiring on New Year’s Eve. (PN Photo, Dec. 14, 2021)

Naperville resident Eileen Sullivan will wrap up 51 years in the banking business when she retires on Dec. 31, 2021.

Looking back, Sullivan recalls moving to Naperville from Chicago when she was five years old. One of seven children, she has fond memories of growing up on Sunset Drive in Moser Highlands while also watching the community grow.

When she was 18, right out of Naperville High School in 1970, at the suggestion of her mother, she secured a job as a teller at Naperville National Bank, located at Washington and Jefferson.

“Every bank I’ve worked at has been on Washington Street,” Sullivan joked.

And she went down the list from Naperville National Bank beginning in 1970 to Naperville Savings and Loan, MidAmerica Bank, National City, PNC, and Naperville Bank and Trust.

“Since 2016, I’ve been at this downtown branch of Naperville Bank and Trust,” she explained. “I worked one day for training at the Fort Hill branch and ever since I’ve mostly worked here at Washington and Benton.”

During COVID, Sullivan noted she’d worked temporarily at the drive-thru at the Naper Boulevard location. The downtown Naperville branch has no drive-thru, she added.

Over the years, she’s also served the banking business as a supervisor and branch manager. Yet, working with customers as a lead teller has provided her with the most pleasure.

“I’ve especially enjoyed the last five and half years at the downtown branch,” she said. “Many of our customers are people I know from shopping and supporting local downtown businesses over the years. My experience at MidAmerica and here have been the best.”

Case in point, while PN was visiting the bank earlier this month, customer Gene Coultrip stopped in to make a deposit. Sullivan explained making connections with him, learning that his wife, Suzie, had worked for Roseland Draperies back when the store was located on the southeast corner of Washington and Jefferson.

During regular banking visits, Gene Coultrip and Eileen Sullivan exchange greetings about folks they know in common. (PN Photo)

In mid-December, bank president Tom Miers tipped us off that the bank was planning a retirement party for Sullivan.

Miers has been president of Naperville Bank and Trust since 2010. From 1979 to 2008, he was an officer at MidAmerica Bank and that’s when he first became acquainted with Sullivan.

Surprise! Tom Miers prepares to present Eileen Sullivan with 50 years of written memories from former colleagues.

During festivities on Dec. 15, Miers surprised Sullivan with letters written by colleagues from the past 50 years, including one from Ken Koranda, her employer at MidAmerica Bank.

Naperville Bank & Trust President Tom Miers, Head of Retail Kim Coyne, and CEO of Wheaton Bank & Trust Co. Kam Kniss pay tribute to Eileen Sullivan, recognizing her 51 years in the banking business set to end on Dec. 31, 2021.

“I’ve been very happy here,” added Sullivan. “They’re a great bunch of people who are compassionate. They care about their employees and the community… It’s been a great five years.”

Tom Miers feted Eileen Sullivan as “Retired and Fabulous.”

At the moment, Sullivan says she has no immediate plans for retirement. She’ll likely volunteer and travel. Or perhaps she’ll have more time to bake the delicious pumpkin pies that co-workers in the downtown branch say are “the best.”

For now, she’s spending her last day mindful that next week Christian Hernandez and Jim Richert, both “relationship bankers,” will be prepared to serve at the teller’s window in her absence.

Sullivan also expressed gratitude for her recent retirement party that featured “barbecue from Q-BBQ, a cake from DeEtta’s Bakery and flowers from Andrew’s Garden,” three local businesses.

“The party was so heart-warming and customer-related—just the way it should be. I appreciated it all.”

For Sullivan’s last day on New Year’s Eve 2021, Naperville Bank & Trust closes at 5PM.


Retirement party photos courtesy of Kim Coyne for Naperville Bank and Trust.

UPDATE, Jan. 1, 2022 / Below are a few well-wishes to accompany this story about Eileen Sullivan’s retirement, all posted via Positively Naperville social media before noon on New Year’s Day 2022.

Eileen is my favorite! Happy retirement! —Ashley Seiple Chubirka

Congratulations Eileen, and I’ll miss working with you! Enjoy retirement! — Ian Holzhauer

Aw! I remember working with Eileen at Altons! —Kelly Kubinski Schmitt

I adore Eileen! I always had a great time working with her at Alton’s and loved running into her at the MidAmerica/PNC when I was in town. Congratulations!!! —Aimee Laz Park

A great piece honoring one of the nicest and friendliest people. Eileen will be *so* missed!! —Alissa Johnson Tripas

Such a wonderful person!! Very professional – always a smile on her face! —Mary Ann Bobosky

She is a jewel! We will miss her! —Bonnie Martin

Half century in banking….quite a career! —Naperville for Business PAC

Congratulations!! —Melissa Soave Tietz

Happy retirement, Eileen!! —Will Cullen

She just waited on me and my kids, congrats!! —Ann Bloss Montgomery

Eileen was always a friendly face when I’d stop in, she’ll be missed!! —James Ian Bernicky

Eileen was so pleasant! Happy Retirement!! —Jennifer Palmerin

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