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Pulse of Naperville Music Scene – Stitching positivity


In the mid-80’s, I followed a lot of new bands of the era. Metallica was in its infancy at the time, and bands like Queensryche and Anthrax were just getting started. A band that really made my heavy metal heart skip a beat was Armored Saint. Many of you may still cock your heads while trying to recall the name, but if you know… you know.

Armored Saint did well, but never had the huge success of a Metallica. They always stayed strong and consistent, refusing to bow out when 90’s grunge sent many bands to their grave. Like so many of their devoted fans, I never stopped following their career and supporting their music.

I recently spoke with Armored Saint’s original drummer, Gonzo Sandoval. We discussed the band’s music, but we also spoke about family. Gonzo’s brother Phil is the original guitar player in the band, and their mother has always been their biggest cheerleader. Gonzo told me about his mother’s love for the band and her passion for crafting beautiful hats, scarves, and other items for her Etsy page. I thought I would take a look and let her know how much her boys have given me over the years, and I ended up ordering beautiful hats for everyone in my family.

When I received my first shipment, it included a few pieces of candy and a hand-written “Thank You” card. You could feel the love and caring fill the air as you opened the envelope. Part of Mrs. Sandoval’s mission statement on her Etsy page says, “…Each stitch is made with love and positivity.” I felt it the day I received it, and I am filled with the same love and positivity each time I wear my hat.

You too can feel the love from Mrs. Sandoval’s beautiful work at www.etsy.com/shop/FridaCarmenDesigns.

You can find all things Armored Saint at www.armoredsaint.com.

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