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District 203 Statement regarding Naperville North High School Incident: Oct. 15, 2021


Above /Naperville North High School is located at 899 N. Mill Street.

Updated Post, Tues., Oct. 19, 2021 / During this week’s Naperville City Council meeting under “New Business,” Councilman Patrick Kelly asked Interim Police Chief Jason Arres for an update regarding recent threats at local high schools. Arres’ response mentioned the threat on Friday to Naperville North High School came from an identified 15-year-old suspect in New York. He emphasized that threats are taken seriously, mindful that they cause a lot of stress and anxiety in the community as well as a lot of burden on the Naperville Police Department. Arres said the threat at Naperville North High School could be a Class III Felony. Watch the full exchange with City Council available for viewing 2 hours 34 minutes into the meeting that is saved in the City’s archive.

Original Post, Fri., Oct. 15, 2021 / Early this morning, Naperville North High School received a phone call from an individual who made a threat against the school.

Our administrative team, in conjunction with the Naperville Police Department, worked quickly to ensure the safety of all students and staff members while police investigated the threat.

Naperville North students were placed in a soft lockdown with continued instruction while administrators developed a staggered release schedule to safely allow all individuals to exit the building. Students began safely exiting the building shortly after 10AM.

While the investigation remains ongoing, the Naperville Police Department has determined that students and staff are safe at this time, and that it is safe for Naperville North to host its football game tonight and homecoming dance tomorrow night.

Statement submitted by Alex Mayster, Executive Director of Communications, Naperville Community School District 203.

Statement received with appreciation via email at 1:52PM Oct. 15, 2021.


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