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Real Estate Logic – ‘Making the Right Choices’


When buying your next home, there are certain basic decisions that are important. If you make all the right choices, you will have the opportunity to maximize your real estate investment.

THE RIGHT REALTOR – Because of the magnitude of a home buying decision, you can benefit greatly from the advice and counsel of a professional Realtor®. The local real estate market is constantly changing. Only a person who is involved on a daily basis in the market that you want to buy in, can have a feel for home values and locations that realize the greatest appreciation in resale price. You should choose a Realtor based on your needs and your way of doing things. Though they all have access to the same information, not all Realtors are the same. Find a Realtor who specializes in the community that you want to purchase and is in tune with you and inspires confidence.

THE RIGHT LOCATION – It has been said that the three most important things in purchasing real estate are “location, location and location, because you cannot change it, change it, or change it!” Ultimately, the location must satisfy two needs: Does it suit your life-style as it applies to local schools, transportation, recreation and daily living? Will it offer a fair profit upon resale? The ideal location, of course, will provide a “yes” answer to both questions.

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THE RIGHT PROPERTY – The eventual home purchase should satisfy both your practical and emotional needs. You may see several homes that have the floor plan, rooms and square footage you need, but don’t ignore your emotions when house hunting. The home you finally select should meet your basic needs and also feel right. Remember, you work hard to own and maintain a home. Be sure that it is someplace you look forward coming home to.

THE RIGHT LENDER – Over the years, you will pay more for your financing than the original price of the house itself. Choose your lender carefully. Ask about the interest rates, points, rate lock policy, total fees, and if the lender will continue to service your mortgage after the closing or sell the mortgage to a third party.

ADVICE: Whether your next home purchase is your first, last, or somewhere in between, today’s market is quite swift and you need to do your homework before you step into the home buying arena. As Vince Lombardi said, “You are only as good as your worst player.”

Surround yourself with the best professionals, then you will be proud and look forward to arriving home every day!

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Gary Leavenworth
Gary Leavenworthhttp://www.garyleavenworth.com/
Gary Leavenworth is a senior Realtor associate and team leader of the national award winning Leavenworth Team of Coldwell Banker Realty and has been serving Naperville’s real estate needs since 1982 with a career volume of over $400 million in closed sales!  If you have a real estate question, email Gary at gary@garyleavenworth.com or call/text him directly at 630.885.1565.


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