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Sales Focus – Sales tips from A to Z


Here are Eight more sales tips from our A to Z collection.

Accountability ~ Measure your results against plan. It’s August 15, half way thru Q3 2021. Are you 50% of your Q3 plan? How is actual compared to 2021 plan? Do you have a plan?

3 B’s of selling ~ Be Bright; Be Brief; & Be Gone.

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Be Your Best ~ the 4th B of selling. Decision makers want to do business with the best. Be early. Be prepared. Set your objectives, hustle and give your professional best.

Follow up can turn a no into a yes. Follow up creates trust. Prospects initially say no because they may be afraid to make a bad decision. Follow up demonstrates you are serious and can be trusted. Relentless follow up.

Humor ~ The other day a neighbor stopped by and asked for a small donation for the neighborhood pool… I gave him a cup of water… Tell a joke once in a while. One that makes you laugh out loud. Sometimes business can be stressful and overwhelming. Have a thought, or story or joke available that puts a smile on your face to keep things in perspective.

Listen ~ The best sales specialists ask quality questions and listen. They listen with both ears; it’s no coincidence God made us with two ears and only one mouth. Ask questions and listen until you find the problems; the obstacles to growth. Then provide the cooked-to-order solution to solve your client’s problem. When you listen you will understand his business, his problem, and his goals. (Did you know ‘silent’ has the same letters as ‘listen’?)

Presentation ~ Another High Payoff Activity. Your presentation must be so compelling, the buyer is jumping out of her seat to start working with you. This requires meticulous preparation. Know yourself, your product or service, your company, the competition, the customer, her customers and competition better than anyone else. And remember the prospects need you more than you need them. They are the ones with the needs. You are the one with the solutions. YOU have the BEST solutions to their problems.

Thank You! ~ People like to feel appreciated. Thank you for your business. Thank you for the referral; the present; the card; and the kind words. Thank you for staying late; arriving early; skipping lunch; and the good work that you do. Thank you very much!
Thank you for taking the time to read through these sales tips. You are now on the way to Heat Up Your Sales!

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.


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