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Upbeat! with the Naperville Municipal Band


For August, meet clarinetist Jason Thomson of the Naperville Municipal Band

In what Naperville subdivision or other city is your home? I live in Lisle in Four Lakes.

Where did you attend high school? East Greenwich High School, East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Who inspired you to play an instrument? My kindergarten teacher inspired me to play the piano, and my clarinet teacher throughout high school inspired me and motivated me to get good at my clarinet.

What Instrument (s) do you play? Clarinet. How old when you started taking music lessons? I started piano lessons at 5, but stopped at 20. I’ve played clarinet since age 9. I had instruction in both instruments throughout my high school years and young adult.

Do you wish you’d learned to play a different instrument? Perhaps. If yes, which one? Probably the violin.

How old were you when you joined the NMB? 26. How long have you played with the NMB? I joined in 2006, so I’ve been an active member for 16 years, and counting.

What’s your favorite type of music / song / theme for NMB concerts? I like a lot of the show music and the melodious band literature, and who cannot like “1812”!

What kind of music do you prefer to listen to in your car or on your IPhone? Classical mainly.

Who’s your favorite musician or singer? Glenn Gould.

When not playing music, what are your other favorite past times? Traveling, playing golf, doing artwork, walking in parks, spending great times with friends.

What’s your occupation or “day job”? Ambassador reception concierge for Aspire of Illinois.

Provide a few words about the importance of music in your life. I truly agree with Beethoven’s statement: “Music is the meditator between the mind and soul.” Music is a great God-given gift to promote the joy of living. It is used to calm us, excite us, and even change us. It is important to play music as well as to listen to it. Music’s role is to provide our lives with flavor.

Add any brief note that might inspire others. Just give credit to all good things you enjoy and do. And code it with gold.

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PN Ombudsman
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