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Is garage door insulation always necessary?


Garage doors have come a long way from being just a cover for your garage, as more and more homeowners decide to use the garage as another room, and the garage door as the main entrance for the house.

When installing a new garage door, there is a question that always comes up – should you get an uninsulated or insulated door? One of the options is more affordable, but the other comes with a lot more benefits.

To help you get the right solution for you, we came up with the following guide:

What to Consider When Thinking About Installing a New Garage Door?

Before starting with the tips, we want to thank Downers Grove Garage Door Repair for providing these helpful tips.

Is the door connected to the house?

This is the first and main question you need to ask yourself? Because if the garage door isn’t connected to house, you won’t be using it main benefits of keeping the climate level in the garage steady and reducing outside noise.

What R-Value Should You Get?

In short, the R-value represents the insulation level of the garage door.

You don’t need to consider the R-value of your garage door when your garage isn’t connected to your home or doesn’t have an air condition system. It would be expensive to install an insulated door to a garage door when you don’t care about the climate in your garage.

If you decided to go for an insulated garage door, here are the preferred R-values depending on garage circumstances:

  • 0-6 – detached garage
  • 7-12 – attached garage 
  • 12 and above – attached garage with an air condition system.

What are the materials the garage is made of?

An insulated garage door won’t be affective if the garage space itself is built from non-insulated materials. So, make sure that the floor, walls, and ceiling are well-insulated first before installing an insulated garage door. 

What is the garage used for?

If you use the garage as more than a parking space, you should defiantly spend the extra bucks for an insulated garage door. An uninsulated workspace like gym, practice studio or a craft room can be a pain to work in if the environment isn’t insulated.

Moreover, a well-insulated garage door can cancel noise from the outside, which is perfect if you want to use the space for concentration or work. Alternatively, you can prevent your neighbours from complaining about the loud noise coming from your garage. 


Is garage door insulation always necessary? The correct answer is -> it depends, but this one is simple to answer if you take into consideration the information that was mentioned above.

Regardless if you decide to install an uninsulated or insulated garage door, you can call Downers Grove Garage Door Repair. They are a trusted local garage door services company that worked in Downers Grove and the surrounding for years, all of their technicians are licensed professionals, and they offer same-day service even on the weekends.  

This article is sponsored by Naperville Garage Door Repair, offering professional, fast and reliable garage door repair service in Naperville and the surrounding suburbs. Contact them at (630) 687-8923 or visit www.napervillebestgaragedoorrepair.com.

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