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Celebrate America’s birthday with Naperville Municipal Band in Central Park on July 1


Above / Civil War re-enactors are set to return to perform with the Naperville Municipal Band during Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” at 7:30PM Thurs., July 1. Set on the south side of Central Park, the cannons and their much-anticipated series of 16 cannon booms accompany Tchaikovsky’s glorious and rousing fanfare.

For 2021, the Naperville Municipal Band will celebrate America’s birthday beginning with its theme song, “Another Opening, Another Show,” followed by “The Star Spangled Banner,” arranged by NMB Music Director Ron Keller. (PN File Photo)

Strike up the band for the red, white and blue and brace yourself for a few cannons, too.

The Naperville Municipal Band will host its annual Independence Day Concert, beginning at 7:30PM Thurs., July 1. The holiday birthday theme will celebrate patriotism, songs and marches from America’s archives throughout its first 245 years.

“The Independence Day Concert on July 1 will include many of the 4th of July classics with sing-a-longs directed by Cathy Lord,” said Conductor Ron Keller, who has been directing the NMB since 1966. “We’ll also feature wonderful marches and the “Armed Forces Salute” in honor of our city’s Veterans and their service.”

The Naperville Municipal Band concert that celebrates the birth of this nation will be held at 7:30PM July 1. (PN File Photo)

Again, the concert will be a blast from the past with a reenactment featuring costumed soldiers depicting Revolutionary War heroes who will set off 16 memorable cannon shots.

“Our Glorious Land Concert March” aims to get concert goers into the Independence Day spirit, according to Keller.

“The show will include slices of Americana featuring ‘America the Beautiful,’ ‘Bugle Cass A-Plenty’ and songs made popular by Glenn Miller, to name a few,” added Keller as he listed 12 songs, including “The Symphonic Beatles” on the program.  

“Overture to 1812 always is the highlight of the show with help from the cannons and local church bells,” said Keller.

For 2021, the Naperville Municipal Band will celebrate America’s birthday on Thurs., July 1. (PN File Photo)

The Bake Sale in the Gazebo will be hosted by Lizzy’s Fund, a Naperville nonprofit organization established to offer care and comfort to senior dogs (aged 7 and older) through a multi-faceted approach; providing financial support to senior dogs in shelters and rescue groups.

Naperville Municipal Band Concerts continue through Aug. 19

Throughout 2021, the Naperville Municipal Band is celebrating its first 162 years at 7:30PM every Thursday through Aug. 19. Many attendees begin arriving about 7PM with friends, family and neighbors, and sometimes a picnic or dinner to-go from a downtown restaurant.

Concerts are open to the public and free of admission charge.

Central Park is located at 104 E. Benton Avenue in downtown Naperville. Park benches are available. Band fans also are welcome to bring collapsible chairs and blankets to spread throughout Central Park.

“One more thing,” added Keller. “The decision to perform during a summer rain is determined at 7:30PM, just as the stage door is about to open. Though I was away fishing last week, I’ve heard great things about the NMB Big Band Concert that was held even with the threat of rain that didn’t materialize.”

Certainly all safety precautions are followed in the event of lightning and thunder storms.

For more information about the band that’s been around since 1859, visit www.napervilleband.org.

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