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Upbeat! with the Naperville Municipal Band


For June meet Cathy Steinbach, a flutist for the Naperville Municipal Band.

In what Naperville subdivision or other city is your home? Batavia, Illinois

Where did you attend high school? New Holland-Middletown, Illinois

Who inspired you to play an instrument? My music teacher, Mrs. Beth Myrick Davison. She is a flutist, too.

What Instrument (s) do you play? Flute

How old when you started taking music lessons? 9 years old

Do you wish you’d learned to play a different instrument? No

How old were you with you joined the NMB? 35 How long have you played with the NMB? Since 1988

How did you connect with the NMB? I played in the Bolingbrook Community Band for 6 years under the direction of Ken Kalina. After I completed my MBA in 1988, I was looking for a band to join, so Ken put in a good word for me and the next time there was an opening in the flute section, I got in!

What’s your favorite type of music / song / theme for NMB concerts? My favorite is always the Patriotic Concert every summer! (For 2021, that concert will be July 1.)

What kind of music do you prefer to listen to in your car or on your phone? Soundtracks or classical

Who’s your favorite musician or singer? James Galway (Irish virtuoso flute player from Belfast, nicknamed “The Man with the Golden Flute”)

When not playing music, what are your other favorite past times? Knitting and reading

What’s your occupation or “day job,” past or present? Retired accountant

Provide 50 words or less about the importance of music in your life. Music has been an enormous influence in my life, especially coming from a small town of 500 people. The Naperville Municipal Band is one of the greatest joys in my life and has kept me playing and challenged these past 33 years.

Look for Cathy Steinbach and her flute when the big stage door goes up at 7:30PM Thursdays through Aug. 19. Note the door is graced with a Century Walk mural titled “The Great Concerto” at the Naperville Community Concert Center in Central Park.

And the band that dates back to 1859 plays on and on!

June 17 – “Anniversaries and Memories”
June 24 – NMB Jazz Band
July 1 – “Patriotic Concert with 1812 Overture”
July 8 –  René Rosas Conducting
July 15 – René Rosas Conducting
July 22 – “Russ Bigelow Night”
July 29 – “Rhythm of the Winds”
August 5 – “Naperville is 190!”
August 12 – “So Long for a While”
August 19 – “Joint Jazz Bands”

Benches are set. Concert-goers are welcomed to bring blankets and collapsible chairs to watch from other locations throughout Central Park.

Concert themes subject to change without notice.

Central Park is located located in the heart of downtown at 104 E. Benton Avenue​. Some folks say Central Park is behind Quigley’s Irish Pub and US Bank. Others say it’s behind the old Nichols Library and the YMCA building.

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