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Wrap up March with high hopes for greener landscapes in April


Above / The Positively Naperville cover for March featured a wash of green, a headline of “Happy Shamrocks, Lucky Accidents” and a depiction of a painting of the Century Walk Dick Tracy sculpture on an easel, signed by “Bob Ross.” As we wrap of the month, we’re still thinking green as we await the April 2021 issue. Thanks for paying attention!

Just who belongs to the signature of “Bob Ross” included in more than a dozen Positively Naperville images posted on this website?

Fact is, more than 270,000 individuals in the U.S. are living with the last name Ross.

And according to the internet (if you think it’s factual), Ross is statistically the 89th most popular last name.

For starters, consider notables David Ross, Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross, Katharine Ross, Marion Ross, Gary Ross, Herbert David Ross and Robert Norman Ross.

Now learn a little about Robert Norman Ross.

Briefly stated, Robert Norman Ross (1942-1995), better known by his signature “Bob Ross,” was an iconic American painter, art instructor and popular television personality. The image of Bob Ross has been featured in this publication for his gentle ways and “happy accidents.” His caricature was featured 12 times in December and most recently appeared on the cover of the March issue to inspire thoughts of green and public safety via the world’s most-recognized crime stopper, Dick Tracy, a Naperville Century Walk sculpture that’s also very popular.

The historic Lucius L. Ball home, now part of Minnetrista’s museum campus in Muncie, Ind., was where Bob Ross taped many of his “experiences.” Unfortunately during a December visit to Muncie, all tours were sold-out.

For a little more frame of reference regarding the Penick family, Bob Ross was well known to our three young children, now adults, for painting happy clouds and landscapes with big brush strokes. Back in the 1980s, “The Joy of Painting” show was produced and taped in a studio in Muncie, Indiana, PN publisher’s childhood hometown.

When our children were young, they regularly were enchanted by “The Joy of Painting,” a colorful show that signed off with a tribute to Bob Ross’ studio location in Muncie, Indiana.

And though living in New Jersey at the time, they connected with enthusiasm every time their grandparents’ hometown was mentioned.

In fact, several years ago, son Jeff dressed up his puppy with a Bob Ross wig for Halloween.

A large sign marks the spot just before the turn to the Bob Ross Experience.

Recently, the Muncie museum and cultural center, Minnetrista, opened a replica of Bob Ross’ studio. Shortly after it opened when we were visiting family in Muncie for the holidays, the exhibit was sold-out. COVID protocols restricted the size of the 45-minute tours. But we plan to plan ahead next time before we make the trip.

If you decide to make the trek, just don’t plan on visiting the exhibit on Tuesday. During a visit to Muncie earlier this month, our daughter discovered that the Bob Ross Experience at Minnetrista is closed on Tuesdays.

If you’ve never been calmed by watching Bob Ross narrate his creative “accidental” touches, now you know why we enjoy this special connection. And you can search online for rebroadcasts on YouTube of “Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting,” 30-minute shows that demonstrate how to paint landscapes and skies with happy clouds for simple pleasures. 

A few ways PN has been thinking green throughout March

Downtown Naperville presents many welcoming ways to spend a little green for shopping and dining. So come on downtown! Thanks for supporting local enterprise whenever possible. It’s always possible!

A gleaming green-headed male Mallard duck and his mate are reminders to keep backyard storm drains as well as curbside drains clear to help prevent flooding.

For some flavors to accentuate the green, green grass of your hometown, help the Easter Bunny find green Jelly Bellies, green apple Jolly Ranchers and spearmint leaves at Naper Nuts and Sweets, 10 W. Jefferson Avenue. Find plenty of chocolate treats, too!

The patio is open at Quigley’s Irish Pub, 43 E. Jefferson Avenue. Soon curbside dining will be available, too. Meanwhile, fish and chips (and lots more on to-go menu) are ready to order for curbside pickup. To place an order for curbside pickup, call (630) 428-4774 or click here for the online menu (sometimes takes a second to download). And note a new hanging basket is spreading the green theme!

The patio at Meson Sabika, 1025 Aurora Avenue, is aglow for warm springtime evenings. Meanwhile, limited reservations for Easter Sunday in the historic mansion are still available later in the afternoon on April 4. Take-out for pickup also is available every day. To order, call (630) 983-3000.

To salute all who served, members of the American Legion Post 43, the Judd Kendall VFW Post 3873 and the Honor Guard participated in the special ceremony to observe Vietnam Veterans Veterans Day on March 29, 2021, in Veterans Park.

Click here for dozens of photos from the Vietnam Veterans Veterans Day by James Hoch Photography.

Thanks to all who care about the guiding principles for America and for protecting the First Amendment. We never take it for granted. Freedom isn’t free.

Thanks also for reading and supporting the arts. Note that in early March, the Naperville City Council granted additional SECA funds to Naperville Century Walk to help fund plans for its Gold Star Families Memorial in Veterans Park. 

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