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Real Estate Logic – Seller Restrictions


Homeowners sometimes put restrictions on their Realtor® when putting their homes on the market. Some owners don’t want a for sale sign in the yard. Others request that the Realtor show the home only during certain hours. Realtors have been prohibited from obtaining a key to the house to be used for showings when the owner is not home. The reasons for these restrictions vary with each situation. Usually the result of some kind of fear or anxiety, these decisions do adversely affect the ability of the owner to take the maximum advantage of a Realtor’s services. In fact, some of these restraints have been known to cost the owner a sale.

Here are some examples:


When an owner asks their Realtor not to put a for sale sign in the yard, the decision is usually prompted by fear. This may be fear of nosiness on the part of surrounding neighbors or a loss of privacy in personal affairs. Some owners may fear not interested buyers may walk up to the door and ask questions about the property when they see the for sale sign. Actually, the sign provides more security for the seller because interested parties can call the number shown on the sign or go to the Internet for the information that they are seeking. For sale signs are an important marketing tool which can lead to a quicker sale from the buyer who liked the neighborhood and outside of the home enough to make the phone call.


Some owners limit the times of the day that a prospective buyer will be permitted to see the home. Although this may be convenient for the seller, this policy can pose problems for a busy buyer who may not be able to accommodate the seller’s time limitations. Alternative homes are usually seen instead and this seller may lose the opportunity to find a buyer.


It is understandable that a seller doesn’t like the idea of a stranger going through his or her home when they cannot be there. Today’s fast-paced world, however, dictates that a home must be available when a buyer can squeeze out a few moments to see it. It is not unusual for a buyer to see two homes over a lunch break in a busy day. A key in the hands of a Realtor can permit the showing to take place even if the seller must be elsewhere.

ADVISE: Discuss your concerns with your Realtor and allow them to help you either overcome your fears and concerns or offer you an alternative plan that will not only comfort you, but most importantly allow you to be successful in selling your home.

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Gary Leavenworth
Gary Leavenworthhttp://www.garyleavenworth.com/
Gary Leavenworth is a broker at Coldwell Banker in Naperville specializing in residential real estate. Contact him at gary@garyleavenworth.com.

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