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Pulse of Naperville Music Scene – Inspired to become a photographer


Last month I told you about Mark Weiss, a man who inspired me to pursue my dreams of becoming a journalist and a photographer.

Since that time, I had the honor of speaking with Mark about his entire career, as well as his latest coffee table book, The Decade That Rocked.

Mark is a world-renowned photographer that has been in the studio and on tour with the biggest stars of the past four decades, so when I reached out to request an interview I half expected to be politely declined. I soon found out that Mark Weiss is not only one of the great photographers in the world, he’s one of the great people.

We spoke for about 40 minutes until Mark needed to go to a museum showing, where his work and some of the artifacts of his career were on display. He kindly suggested that we continue our conversation later that evening, and in that in-between time I came to know a considerate and caring family man. You see, he thought he might be able to resume our conversation around 6PM, but he ran late at the museum and spent some extra time with his daughter. He texted me and apologized for his tardiness more than once, which reinforced my respect for him as a person and a good Dad.

Mark and I did resume later that evening. In fact, he spent another 30 minutes of his valuable time with me. His respect and kindness as a person are the only things that could possibly eclipse his expertise as a photographer, and all those wonderful qualities were on full display that day.

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Scott "Dr. Music" Itter
Scott "Dr. Music" Itterhttp://DrMusic.org
Scott Itter resides in the Willowgate subdivision with his wife, Barbara, and their two children. Contact Scott at DrMusic@wowway.com.

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