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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Business Works – ‘Strength lies in differences, not in similarities’


This is a favorite Stephen Covey quote of mine that speaks to some recent notable action happening inside our community. We are pleased to witness the Naperville City Council on May 19 pass, unanimously, a resolution “celebrating the diversity of our community and denouncing all acts of racism, intolerance, and unlawful discrimination.”

This makes a clear statement that puts the well-being of all members of our community first and demonstrates the desire for value and respect to remain pillars of our thriving community.

There is great value in embracing diversity inside business. Mounting evidence suggests that businesses with greater diversity have a healthier workplace culture and better business outcomes. According to a W.K. Kellogg Foundation Study, businesses that recognize and embrace the value of inclusion consistently perform better across multiple financial metrics.

Research shows, for example, a strong correlation between diversity in leadership and quarterly earnings. For every 10% increase in racial and ethnic diversity on a company’s senior executive team, earnings before interest and taxes rise 0.8%. (U.S. Chamber, Above the Fold, 9/16/19)

Understanding the need and positive effects of diversity, equity and inclusion, the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce recently formed a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee to bring people together through meaningful events and programs in order to continue the conversation on how we can work together to improve DEI in our business community. This committee intends to bolster the NACC programming with actional programs our community can participate in and grow from. The best avenue to stay connected to upcoming programming is through the Chamber website at www.members.naperville.net/chambereventcalendar.

As businesses embrace differences as true business assets, they are able to harness a powerful tool that allows them to navigate inequities better and set positive examples for business. If you or your business want to be a part of the diversity, equity and inclusion in the conversation or if you require more resources on how to create a workplace culture of diversity and inclusion, please reach out to the Chamber.

Reba Morgan Osborne
Reba Morgan Osbornehttp://naperville.net
Reba Morgan Osborne is the Director of Government Affairs for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. Contact Reba at (630) 544-3387 or rosborne@naperville.net.