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Things to do while staying at home in Naperville / April 12 and so on


Above / It’s no secret. Colorful perennials are in full bloom at the Civic Plaza along the Riverwalk, symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings for springtime. Enjoy the changing landscape during daily walks for exercise, keeping a distance of six feet with a recommended face cover. Thanks to all gardeners throughout the city for planning gardens in appropriate places for the community to view on walks! Your efforts are showing beautifully. Enjoy the natural beauty of the season. 

Hello, again! (Long post… best viewed via desk top)

It’s springtime in April with observances of Passover, Easter and America’s Arbor Day, all reasons to recognize the season’s vibrant renewal with the hope the pandemic is headed on its downward turn so many can return to the jobs they enjoy.

With the extension of “Stay at Home” through April 30, folks have been forwarding things to do that apply throughout the month.

Thanks to the community for supporting the Naperville Jaycees Food Giving Program Friday and Saturday. The need continues. Contact Loaves & Fishes Community Services or any local food pantry.

Future events coming soon

Event planners for summer festivities, including the Memorial Day Parade always observed on the last Monday in May, say they’re on pause, waiting until May 1, 2020, to make final decisions. Summer festival event planners are in “wait-and-see” mode.

But first… Continue to take precautions. Wash your hands. Cover coughs and sneezes. Hold on to hugs for future giving. Be a good example for young ones who might be watching. Help them feel safe. Eat nourishing food. Drink plenty of liquids. 

Stay home whenever possible. Exercise. It’s OK to take walks outside. Practice social distancing of 6 feet apart.

Don’t be a Litter Bug!

Remember “Keep America Beautiful” campaigns? Times when folks helped to end littering, developed recycling plans and took pride to keep the landscape pretty? During recent weeks as folks have been staying home, trash has begun to grow along the parkways.

Thanks to everyone who keeps a trash bag inside the car. That way, used items can be saved for the trash instead of tossed out the car window. Note also that disposable gloves are NOT recyclable. They are garbage.

Perhaps it’s time to consider whenever taking a walk, a pair of disposable gloves and a plastic shopping bag could come in handy to pick up and collect trash along the way. You can also use a plastic bag to pick up stuff the way folks clean up after their dogs.

Keeping our neighborhoods neat and free from throw-away wrappers, cans and other items tossed toward the curb is a way to help keep Naperville beautiful. Here’s hoping…

Since 1999, the Century Walk sculpture titled, “Genevieve,” by Pamela S. Carpenter, located at Chicago Ave. and Washington St., has welcomed visitors to learn about Genevieve Towsley (1907-1995), a Naperville journalist, author, and historian. Though the sitting sculpture provides extra seating for photos, the face cover is a reminder to practice a social distance of 6 feet. (Photo courtesy of Brand Bobosky)

Here’s a shout out… Keep in mind every day that small businesses are the driving force of our economy. They employ your/our friends and neighbors.

Thanks for supporting all local businesses whenever possible. Many offer online service and sales, too. Plus, many will deliver “no hands touched” to your door.

Thanks for becoming acquainted with your local business community that’s connected online.

***Click here to know participating members of the Independent Businesses Community in Naperville at IBN (New website coming soon!).

***Click here for members of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (New website!).

Double-u Double-u Double-u positively naperville dot com

Right here on this website is a “search” tool that leads to photo galleries of previous parades and other events as well as many hyper local hyperlinks that depict Naperville, one of many great places in this great nation, a community that abounds with generous faith, hope and charity.

Be a good listener. Wash your hands often. Be kind. Be safe. Stay home. Practice social distancing of 6 feet. Repeat. Review. Repeat. Thanks for reading.

We’re grateful you’ve visited this website! Thanks to PN’s archive in the cloud, this site is chock full of stories with photos, saved and current, about good things here.

Now… for things to do!

***Stick to facts. Be mindful of adjectives and adverbs that slant information. Use commonsense. Stay healthy. Be sure to take time to think about all the frontline responders who are doing heroes’ work to provide care as they protect this community and beyond. God bless us, every one.

Naperville begins another day to stay home

Mindful that the pandemic, Coronaviris (aka COVID-19), is not discriminating, we must carry on in sync, keep calm and be prepared for Stay-at-Home Week #4. We’re all in this together, mindful to be 6-feet apart.

Note public events and local fish fry dinners are canceled. Public buildings, theaters, non-essential shops and all restaurants (except for take-out) are closed.

Be counted!

Folks tell us they’ve been cleaning out closets. Couples are having “dinner with friends” via webcams, complete with meaningful conversations from one laptop to the other. Some service clubs also are meeting via Zoom.

Other folks have been digging into the past. For instance, old photo albums bring back fond memories to share. Tell stories. Listen.

And did you remember to reply to the 2020 Census? Be  counted for your Naperville address. Complete the 2020 Census Questionnaire online in ten minutes or less at my2020census.gov.

***Speaking of digging… April is Safe Digging Month. If planning to plant gardens, be sure to check what you need to know about safe digging and be sure to call JULIE before you dig at 8-1-1.

***DuPage Children’s Museum offers story times and other things to do for families with young children, too.

***Write down your thoughts. Naper Settlement encourages folks, all ages, to keep a journal of experiences and how to deal with these pandemic times. Compare notes. Read. Tell jokes. Make up riddles.

Many local eateries welcome to-go orders by phone, ready to serve curbside. www.dinenaperville.com

***Thank you, Dine Naperville! It’s Easter Weekend! Consider supporting your favorite eatery sometime during this Stay-at-Home period. Click here for participating restaurants, ice cream stores and treat shops ready to serve to-go orders via Dine Naperville. Also check for family-style Easter Sunday Brunch & Dinner choices for Sun., April 12. Thanks for tipping, too.

PN’s digital editor created this 1,014-piece jigsaw puzzle from one of his favorite photos of spring bluebells taken along the Riverwalk. Or perhaps it’s a photo from Knoch Knolls Park. It’s hard to tell. Still, it’s time to look forward to the annual bluebells bloom coming soon to a park near you.

Clear an area on a table and begin working a jigsaw puzzle.

Play charades. Play “Celebrity Fish Bowl” (Fun game for four or more individuals. Find rules online.).  Play board games.

Read recipe books. Cook. Bake. Decorate Easter eggs.

Find a deck of cards. Practice shuffling. Play solitaire. Deal for gin, bridge, euchre or poker. Just deal!

We have high hopes you’ll read all the way to the bottom of this long post to see some local businesses are ready to serve and many others have ideas to show appreciation. Thanks!

This month’s PN, now available at most local grocery stores, includes a whole page devoted to jelly bean favorites across America. When Larry was introduced to the April issue, he noted his wife Mary’s favorite thing to do for spring is to decorate their yard for the Easter. Check it out along Feldott Lane.
It’s a tradition that dates back to 1993. Easter and all seasonal holidays are celebrated along Feldott Lane.

Note from MIke Havala at Loaves & Fishes Community Services…  “One of the messages that I am trying to get out to people is that, if they want to help provide people with food now, getting either funds or food directly to the various food pantries is the best way to provide help since it can get to the clients right here, right now.”

Thanks for being patient. Help spread kindness. Be safe. Stay well.

Dean’s Fine Clothing for men and women, closed for now, posts a sign of the times at its location along Main Street at Jackson Avenue, just across from the Century Walk mural titled “Faith, Hope and Charity.” Meanwhile shop small and independent with the purchase of a Dean’s gift card for future use at the family-owned shop that’s been around since 1959. And check out what’s new online at www.deansclothing.com.

***Shop online or via phone… Make a Downtown business’s day! Buy a gift card from your favorite Downtown Naperville business now, and enjoy later! CALL the business from which you wish to order gift cards and they will mail them directly to you (many have special gift card and product deals, too). Need a list of downtown businesses? Here you go… downtownnaperville.com/directory/

Consider a gift card for your Easter basket…

Downtown Naperville gift cards can be purchased ONLINE and Delivery is free! Purchase Downtown Naperville Gift Cards and feel great knowing that every card purchased goes toward strengthening the Downtown Business Community! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

***Look toward the future with gift card special for April. For every $50 in Downtown Naperville gift cards orders, you’ll also receive a bonus $10 gift card to a randomly selected downtown business. (Maximum $50 in bonus gift cards per mailing address). CLICK HERE TO ORDER

***More Things to Do in April (***With hyperlinks!)

***Check out giving opportunities and needs at Loaves & Fishes Community Services  Thanks to all!

***Enjoy special treats from DeEtta’s Bakery, open during regular hours with breads, cakes and other delicious pastries! DeEtta’s is accepting CREDIT CARDS ONLY in order to maintain a safe environment. Limited number of customers are allowed in bakery at a time and things will look slightly different for distancing purposes. Located at 428 W. Fifth Ave., curbside service is available upon request when orders are placed over the phone. Simply call ahead, (630) 548-4078. (Now!)

Yes! Meson Sabika’s signature bacon-wrapped dates are on the to-go menu! (Photo courtesy Meson Sabika)

***Meson Sabika continues take-out service with menu specials including sangria & wine from 11AM to 7PM. Also, Meson Sabika is offering its carry-out and delivery menus on Easter Sunday, April 12. Advance orders can be placed via the Meson Sabika website or by calling (630)983-3000 x2. (Order now by credit card!)

“Write to a Joe or Jane”or draw a picture to send to U.S. military serving overseas. Doodle Bug Workshop seeks cards, postcards, letters, notes, drawings, and words of encouragement to send to service women and men deployed overseas. Simply MAIL to the Naperville American Legion Post 43, Attn: Doodle Bug, PO Box 4 Naperville, IL 60566. Local veterans will be sure your thoughts get into the right hands. Thank you, American Legion, for sending the idea our way.

Writing letters and/or sending greeting cards or postcards to all who serve during times of challenge just might make everybody feel better. Perhaps create a family project also to send notes of appreciation to Naperville Firefighters at Naperville Fire Department, 1350 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540; Naperville Police at Naperville Police Department, 1350 Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540; or to the team of health care providers at Edward Hospital, 801 S. Washington Street, Naperville, IL 60540.

***Research “Fair Maps” for Illinois to benefit all folks who live in the beautiful Land of Lincoln. Check out the “Change Illinois” Fair Maps Amendment Fact Sheet here. It’s a Census 2020 year, a time when change can be made when voters go to the polls on Nov. 3. (Respond Now!)

***The Boxes Etc. Naperville in Cress Creek Square Shopping Center is ready to serve! Located at 790 Royal St. George, the independently-owned mail center is open during regular business hours, considered an essential business listed under the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Need stamps or to send special care packages? Find a variety of greeting cards and gifts ready to mail in store, too.

***Support Naperville Helps! / Donate to the cause! Send lunch to healthcare providers & first responders. (This week & so on…)

***North Central College Fine & Performing Arts events in April and May have been canceled or rescheduled. An informative video with comments from North Central College President Troy Hammond addresses the response to the COVID-19 outbreak from Naperville’s college in the heart of the city.

***Fish with social distance in May Watts Park / Link here to years of memories and other popular fishing spots around town. (Springtime 2020)

Just before this young angler tossed his catch back into the pond earlier this week, he said this small mouth bass is the biggest he’s ever caught at May Watts Park.

Remember! Park trails are open. Use the trails. Yet, playgrounds, sport courts and active park amenities for contact sports are closed by order of the State of Illinois. Use parks and trails for walking or taking in fresh air along with spring signs in nature. Enjoy the beauty and freedom of nature every day! Practice social distancing. Social distancing means 6 feet or more between individuals and not congregating or playing contact sports. Play safely.

***DuPage County Health Department Suggests: Be prepared for any emergency! In case you have to go to the hospital, consider creating an emergency contact list including family friends, neighbors, carpool drivers, healthcare providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources. Download a free template from FEMA here: www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/133447

***While staying at home, perhaps you’ve uncovered keepsakes that would be better framed by Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing for safe display. For details, call (630) 717-1448 or email service@colbertcf.com. Note: Due to the state’s “Shelter-In-Place” order, Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing is currently operating under altered hours. Nonetheless, they look forward to working with you! (During business hours)

Fish and chips ready to go! And some new tasty cinnamon treats, too! Take out Wednesday thru Saturday.

***Quigley’s Irish Pub in now re-opened for curbside pick-up Wednesday & Thursday 3-7PM as well as Friday & Saturday noon-7PM. Check the menu online. Be prepared for bright changes when EDAQ (Every Day at Quigley’s) regulars return when local pubs again open later this spring. Hope! Hope! Sláinte! Thanks for calling (630) 428-4774.

And did you know? To save folks from a trip to the market, Quigley’s also has available for purchase with curbside pickup paper towels ($2) and toilet paper ($1.50) by individual roll, bleach ($4.50), sugar (4 lbs. $5), 100-count boxes Nitrile powder-free gloves ($8) and ketchup packets ($3). Simply add to orders to-go. (Wed. through Sat.)

Observe public health advice. Wiggle your fingers & toes. Be safe. Be well.

***”Y on the Go” online offers classes and activities provided by YMCA of Metro Chicago. (From now on) Also note that all YMCA of Metro Chicago locations will be closed to its members through April 30. In addition, some of its local Ys have been converted into emergency shelters to house hundreds of displaced and homeless individuals. (Around the Clock)

***Donate / support needs at Edward-Elmhurst Health for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). (Now!)

Did somebody say caramel corn and Jelly Bellies? Order to go from Naper Nuts & Sweets for curbside pick-up.

***Naper Nuts & Sweets in downtown Naperville is available for curbside pickup from 10-5PM, Monday through Friday. FREE home delivery in Naperville. Phone orders only at (630) 355-5330.  Be prepared with goodies for all your spring baskets! Order Easter baskets from $25 and up! Remember to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day on April 20. It’s a once-a-year day! (During business hours)

***Naperville Park District Introduces NaperParks2Youa Webpage with Activities and Resources for Staying at Home… To help kids and adults stay busy and active while sheltering at home. (Around the Clock)

***Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House in Naperville continues current delivery + carry-out menu, and now has a new addition: family-style meals to feed four. Meals feature choices among main courses and sides that include dishes like the 32 oz.  Gold Coast sirloin steak, baked potato and sauteed mushrooms. Four carrot cake cupcakes and four house salads are also included. The family-style meals are offered in addition to the current delivery/carry-out menu, which still includes steaks – cooked or vacuum-packed to cook at home, classic Hugo’s dishes, and wine and beer options by the bottle  (at 50 percent the price listed on their normal beverage menus). Simply call (630) 548-3764. (During business hours)

Here’s hoping PN’s calendar of traditional events will go live soon…

Though the NMB Spring Concert was canceled, band fans are hopeful the 11-week summer concert season will be as upbeat and memorable as usual when the big stage door goes up at 7:30PM Thursdays from June through mid-August in Central Park. Stay tuned for details about opening night. As Conductor Ron Keller says, “Music is for life!”

***Thanks for reading PN Posts on “Latest News.” Please consider that all special fundraising events are canceled for April. Note unmet needs of local nonprofits and donate when you can.

Be alert to internet (including bogus social media) and phone scams. They’re rampant. And don’t get hacked.

We appreciate your trust as we aim to help keep the community safe and healthy with information from the City of Naperville, schools and health departments, etc., and without click bait.

We admit we have a huge bias toward good news and positive thoughts. More than ever, we appreciate everyone who contributes to our monthly publication, following our focus to bring our community together while we’re 6 feet apart.

Keep your 6-ft. social distance and find cheerful messages with signs of springtime all along the Riverwalk and on sidewalks and driveways throughout the city.

Let there be more upbeat music!

Look forward with high hopes to our return to freedom, forever mindful of all the sacrifices made every day to protect us. If you’ve never heard the Oscar-winning song about an ant who thought he could move a big rubber tree plant, please listen. Share music with the youngsters in your life.

You gotta have high hopes and look on the bright side

You gotta have high hopes. Thanks to everybody who is working together while 6-feet apart, choosing to make good choices throughout our City and the world to make it all a safer, better place.

Special thanks again to all critical care responders as well as letter carriers, grocery clerks and stockers, delivery drivers, gas station attendants, servers and all the knowledgeable people at the hardware stores.

What’s more, here’s one of several versions of “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Whistle)” featured online…

Sing and whistle along now… “Always look on the bright side of life. (Whistle) Always look on the right side of life. (Whistle)”

Thanks again for reading. Positively Naperville is hyperlocal.

No matter where you live, however, support the local businesses in your hometown whenever possible. Support businesses and charities where your heart is.

Be safe. Be kind. Be calm. Be patient. Be prepared. Be supportive. Be grateful.

Wash hands! Cover coughs & sneezes! Stay 6′ apart!

Deal with facts!

We have found Worldometer to provide concise up-to-date data, details and charts with global and state-by-state information. 

With the unpredictability of this pandemic, webmaster Tim and I want to reassure our readers that every attempt will be to bring you up-to-date, hyperlocal news posts, aiming to be a trusted source of information brought to you by our forever-appreciated sponsoring advertisers and monthly subscribers. Throughout these challenging times, factual information from reliable sources must remain freely available to all our dedicated readers.

To keep facts in check, Kevin T. Sur (External Affairs Officer), DuPage County, Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, suggests consulting the FEMA Coronavirus Rumor Control website at www.fema.gov/coronavirus. 

Help rid the world of COVID-19 for Naperville & all!

Since January 22, 2020, when Edward-Elmhurst Health sent its first news release about coronavirus, PN has been keeping tabs on its growth.

Search “Coronavirus” using PN’s search tool (upper right) for posts from local school districts, nonprofit local social services as well as Linden Oaks at Edward on this hyperlocal website connected to the World Wide Web.

Mindful of the challenges we’ve all confronted during this month, complete with changes and cancellations of many of our favorite seasonal community events and fundraisers, we also were inspired by the words by Rabbi Yosef Kanevsky, forwarded by Naperville Municipal Band Board President Jon Walter when we learned band practices and the spring concert would be canceled.

“Every hand that we don’t shake must become a phone call that we place. Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern. Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another, must become a thought as to how we might be of help to that other, should the need arise.” —Rabbi Yosef Kanevsky of Los Angeles

Grace and peace.

—Stephanie Penick

And finally! It’s the Grand Old Flag!

***Though Naperville Trolley & Tours currently is not running its historic tours, the fact remains that the trolley tour company with its all-American spirit and local lore rolled into downtown Naperville 25 years ago, with a Trolley Stop at Jackson and Eagle. Trolley Chick Annette Wehrli says she’s ready with 100 American flag miniatures to decorate her yard for Memorial Day. Thanks, Trolley Chick, for all the years of creating memorable weddings, special events and holiday light tours. Trolley-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! Ding! Ding!

Thanks to everyone who is doing whatever you can to help. Be well.

Wash your hands! Thanks again!

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