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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Y – Thank you!


The world has changed since the last time I shared information about the Naperville YMCA. Lives have been detoured because of what is going on around all of us, but what has remained true is the kindness and generosity that exists in Naperville.

The Naperville YMCAs would like to say, “Thank You.”

Thank you to our Schools and all the Educators who have prepared online lessons and continue to keep our children engaged in learning.

Thank you to all the Hospital and Medical Staff for working tirelessly to ensure those who are ill receive the best care.

Thank you to the Naperville Police and Naperville Fire Departments for ensuring our safety.

Thank you to the City Leadership for continuing to keep Naperville informed and maintaining the connections among residents.

Thank you to the Churches and Faith Leaders for continuing to unite us through prayer and caring for our spiritual well-being.

Thank you to all the small business owners for persevering during this difficult time to meet the needs of residents.

Thank you to the Service Organizations for stepping up and following their calling to provide necessary resources for our community.

Thank you to the DuPage Children’s Museum for providing resources so we can continue to engage the curiosity of our children.

Thank you to Community Organizations who are continuing to care for those individuals, children and families in need of food and shelter.

Thank you to the College Students who had their education disrupted, returned home, and are now helping others in the community.

And a big warm Thank You to the Naperville Residents, who have stepped in to help a neighbor, shared food or a life necessity, ran an errand for someone they barely knew, virtually celebrated a birthday with a neighbor or friend, and gave a friendly wave from afar.

Naperville is stronger and better together.

“Y on the Go” online offers classes and activities provided by YMCA of Metro Chicago at www.ymcachicago.org/pages/yonthego.

Also note that all YMCA of Metro Chicago locations will be closed to its members through April 30. In addition, some of its local Ys have been converted into emergency shelters to house hundreds of displaced and homeless individuals. Thanks to all for making a difference.

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Erika Wood
Erika Woodhttp://www.ymcachicago.org/pages/safe-n-sound-staff
Erika Wood is the Executive Director of the YMCA Safe ‘n Sound. Contact her at ewood@ymcachicago.org.

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