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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Remembering a beloved friend


The Turning Pointe family was deeply saddened last month when we lost one of our greatest heroes. Rick Matttiota was a beloved friend and a huge champion of our mission since our inception 2007. Rick began on our Business Advisory Committee where his passion and experience with Leopardo Construction helped guide us through everything from building our first classroom to connecting us with local corporate partners and collaborators. A longtime Naperville man with a heart so big he will leave a lifetime impression on those of us here at Turning Pointe.

Rick was a visionary leader in the efforts to build a first-class school for individuals on the autism spectrum. He worked closely with our other leaders as well as autism experts and staff to ensure our building and classrooms would optimize each student’s potential and ensure a model where best practices and collaboration would thrive. Rick advocated for our building projects to all subcontractors, as well as the community, and helped build all seven of our Day School classrooms at 1500 W Ogden Avenue through Leopardo Construction, a company he led for 35 years. He was awarded Turning Pointe’s True North award in in 2015 for his commitment and contribution to our Foundation.

In addition to being an active member of our Board of Directors, Rick attended our first ever 1920’s gala, Annual First Look for Charity event and annual golf outings. “Rick flew through the epic snowstorm of 2018 in order to make it to our First Look For Charity reception,” remembers Turning Point Executive Director Carrie Provenzale. That’s just who he was.

Rick’s beloved wife Maria was often his golf partner and always at his side at First Look for Charity and the Turning Pointe galas and events. Their compassion and love for each other and their community was evident and inspirational to all of us lucky enough to know them. We felt truly blessed and honored to have such a wonderful family on this journey with us.

Rick Mattiota will be dearly missed by all of us here at Turning Pointe and by so many in the Naperville community. He was larger and life and he left a mark in all of our hearts.

Kim Wolf
Kim Wolf
Kim Wolf is co-founder of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation.