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Senior Voices – I am changing my mind!


Mark Puknaitis, our Naperville Fire Chief, is on a mission of Community Risk Reduction. He emphatically states, “Don’t be afraid to call the ambulance.”

Some people think they don’t need an ambulance. I am one of them. I always say, “No, don’t call. I’ll be alright!” as I lie there with a broken leg.

But there is absolutely no reason to not call. The Chief says some people don’t call and maybe they are having a heart attack, or something critical, and if they delay going to the emergency room, it may be too late. He says always play on the safe side. Also, the ambulances have equipment right there that may be very important before arriving at the hospital.

Also, if you are thinking of the costs, don’t. You will pay nothing out of pocket! Can you believe this? I didn’t, but it’s true. The city will bill Medicare or your insurance company, but even if your insurance doesn’t pay the full amount, or if you don’t have insurance, the city won’t bill you. That is for all Naperville residents, even if you live in unincorporated Naperville. For more information on ambulance billing, call the city at (630) 305-5900 Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM.

So I am really changing my mind. I remember years ago when my first piano and organ store was in a new building at 7 W. Jackson. Built by Dutch Beideman, the new building was attached to the west end of his furniture store. Dutch had the only ambulance service for Naperville at that time, housed in a garage between our two buildings. And when my 6 ft. 6 1/2” husband had to be taken to Edward Hospital in 1967, Dutch had a hard time fitting him into the ambulance as his legs were too long.

Chuckle Time: Jack and Dan are on a hunting trip in the woods, when Dan passes out. Jack calls 911 and tells the operator Dan is on the ground and he thinks he’s dead.

The operator tells him, “Make sure he is actually dead.”

So Jack leaves the phone and the operator hears a gunshot.

Jack gets back on the phone and says, “I did that. Now what?”

Bev Patterson Frier
Bev Patterson Frierhttp://napervill.il.us
Bev Patterson Frier was co-founder of the Senior Task Force with Karen Courney. Their efforts led to RAN, Ride Assist Naperville. Bev hails from Anderson, Ind., but the dedicated arts enthusiast boasts that Naperville is her family.