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The Y – Family time matters


In today’s modern world, we are engulfed in technology and constant connection, especially thanks to the internet. However, computers, cell phones, and social media cannot replace the important role that human interactions and relationships provide to support our well-being. We need each other.

Families may use technology to share information, manage busy schedules, and remain connected when distance separates them. As technology has evolved so has how families define themselves. What has remained constant is that a family is a group of individuals who are related, or relate to each other. Like many relationships, strong bonds with family member can have great benefits. These relationships need to be fostered and we need to try to put technology aside and spend time interacting and being with each other.

As we celebrate the holidays the time we spend together interacting, laughing, talking, and playing together will be what we remember; that is how memories are made. It is unlikely we will remember who we tweeted, or what we posted on social media, or even that we had a text conversation years from now. Family time matters, now and for the future. I am sure we all have a wonderful holiday memory, because of the time we spent together.

The holidays can also be difficult for families and those who do not have family. We are a community that cares, and that is what I love about Naperville. A small act of kindness can mean the world to a family in need or an individual who finds themselves alone. Everyone in our community matters.

For dozens of years, volunteers have served a festive holiday meal to senior citizens during the Annual Christmas Dinner hosted by the YMCA, now in partnership with the Naperville Park District. (Photo courtesy Naperville YMCA.)

The Naperville YMCA and the Naperville Park District have come together thanks to the generosity of many community leaders to provide a Christmas Dinner for Seniors, Families and those who may be alone on the holidays. This wonderful tradition takes place on Christmas Day at 11:30AM at the Marriott. If you or someone you know would like to be part of the Christmas Dinner please call Polly Rhodes at the Kroehler YMCA
(630) 420-6270 or email her at prhodes@ymcachicago.org.

I would like to wish you and your family Happy Holidays! Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year.

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Erika Wood
Erika Woodhttp://www.ymcachicago.org/pages/safe-n-sound-staff
Erika Wood is the Executive Director of the YMCA Safe ‘n Sound. Contact her at ewood@ymcachicago.org.

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