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Put your best foot forward by taking care of both feet


Above / Walk this way… Located on the first floor at 800 W. Fifth Avenue, Safe Soles Foot Care is easily accessible from the back section of the parking lot of the Corporate Center.

Christina Riforgiate at Safe Soles Foot Care.

The first thing most individuals do to begin their day is put both feet on the floor. Then as needed, one foot at a time, their feet keep them moving, safely transporting them throughout the day.

 The last thing many people do is give enough thought to the care of their feet. 

“These extremities get kicked around, often taken for granted, as they provide reliable support, especially for folks whose jobs require to them to stand on their feet all day,” said Christina Riforgiate, owner of Safe Soles Foot Care.

Riforgiate has more than 16 years of experience specializing in personal foot care. She recently opened a Naperville location where she’s eager to educate women and men about the importance of pedicures and massages that will keep feet healthy and prevent problems that may arise with age.

A few tips for foot care

For starters, she says, keep feet clean and dry. Air out and change shoes regularly to help prevent fungus infections.

And care for toenails. Keep toenails trimmed, don’t cut them too short.

“Cut your toenail straight across with toenail clippers, keeping the nail long enough to get your fingernail under it; at least 1 to 2 millimeters at the white nail end to prevent ingrown toenails,” she said.

Riforgiate understands the importance of avoiding trauma to the skin around the nails by filing or cuticle cutting, resulting in infection.—simply keep them cleansed, she advises.

“As people age, their toenails get thicker, brittle and harder to trim,” she explained. “And toenails that have grown thicker over time could indicate a fungal infection, also known as onychomycosis. Left untreated, thick toenails grow long and become painful when wearing shoes. Caring for toenails is what I do for men as well as women.” 

Christina Riforgiate has more than 16 years of experience specializing in personal foot care.

Best practices for foot care

Noting several certificates gracing her wall, Riforgiate explains she’s a certified medical nail technician trained in safety and appropriate application of hand and foot care services. Physicians often refer at-risk and chronically-ill patients to Riforgiate because she specializes in healthy nail care and safe pedicures.

“Certified Medical Nail Technicians are trained in the highest standards of nail care to assist individuals who are diabetic and/or immune system compromised,” Riforgiate said. “We know how to recognize when a client needs to be referred to a podiatrist or other physician for special medical care.”

Safe Soles Foot Care also holds national certification as a designated Certified Safe Salon. This certification indicates a specialized set of safety criteria, including use of autoclave, a machine that sterilizes equipment and supplies, using high pressure and steam.

“Autoclaving is the highest level of sterilization,” Riforgiate explained. “It’s standard procedure in dental offices and medical facilities— and a best practice for foot care.”

Riforgiate aims to educate about the need to rest and relax feet. “Lie back and elevate your feet for a few minutes. Appreciate them,” she said. “Pamper them.”

She noted that she also has “dozens and dozens” of colors of nail polish that she applies during pedicures while applying other safety habits that prevent polish from becoming contaminated.

Find easy access at the back entrance to the Corporate Center at 800 W. Fifth Ave.

Personalized services by appointment / Simply call (630) 363-4447

With services by appointment, Safe Soles Foot Care is a natural nail salon established with one goal in mind, Riforgiate said. “I aim to provide pedicures for men and women, while promoting nail care with flair in a clean, attractive environment.”

For more information, visit www.safesolesfootcare.com or contact Riforgiate at (630) 363-4447 or christina@safesolesfootcare.com.

Safe Soles Foot Care is located in the Corporate Center at 800 W. Fifth Ave., Suite 101 H. (Clients have told Riforgiate it’s the “old Jones Cable Company building.”) The ADA entrance (and the shortest distance to her salon on the first floor) is located near the rear of the spacious parking lot.

Here’s that familiar sign at the 800 W. 5th Ave. Corporate Center. Just turn south!

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