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Senior Voices – Senior Task Force honors volunteers


Our Senior Task Force had recently decided to honor a senior citizen of the year with an award for all the contributions they do for Naperville. We requested nominations be submitted and had a hard time selecting a winner. As it turned out, we had two to honor – one lady and one gentleman. They were recognized at the beginning of the City Council meeting last month.

Anne Henriksen works with the Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors Club, active in her church, Bridge Communities, and Families Helping Families. She has been very active with kids and homeless youth. Anne is always there to help.

Jim Kauffman’s passion has also been to help others. He has helped many people build their careers. Jim has been the go-to man in his condo community, whether it is to screw in a light bulb or working to make it a better place to live. If there is a problem, Jim will be there. He has also been very active in his church. Jim is there anytime he can be a friend or a listener.

We of the Senior Task Force are very proud of our two seniors of the year. They truly help to make Naperville a wonderful City in which to live.

Chuckle Time – Bob Hope is quoted as saying: “Receiving this honor makes me feel very humble. But I have the courage to overcome it.”

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Bev Patterson Frier
Bev Patterson Frierhttp://napervill.il.us
Bev Patterson Frier was co-founder of the Senior Task Force with Karen Courney. Their efforts led to RAN, Ride Assist Naperville. Bev hails from Anderson, Ind., but the dedicated arts enthusiast boasts that Naperville is her family.