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Community Career Center has changed its name to Career & Networking Center


Above / Located at 1815 W. Diehl Road, Suite 900, the Community Career Center has changed its name and soon will display its fresh new look and logo. Hours are 9AM to 3PM, Mon. through Thurs.; and 9AM to Noon, Fri. and Sat. 

Established in 1996, the Community Career Center has long been committed to helping individuals put their best foot forward, and today, “We’re proud to announce our own step in a new direction,” said Executive Director Kimberly White as she announced the center’s new name.

“We are now Career & Networking Center,” she said.

The new name and fresh look are designed to better reflect the dedication to job advancement and satisfaction, paired with a timeless logo infused with spring green to represent renewal and growth.

“We are excited to share our new look and name with the community,” said White. “Networking is important in our professional and personal lives, therefore we wanted to include it in our name as we continue to provide a place for individuals to connect with others while receiving support in job search and career development.”

We Empower. You Succeed.

While the name has changed, the effective coaching, trainings and seminars in networking, career strategy, skill development, and more have not. Career & Networking Center is here to help individuals grow and welcome the next professional chapter into their life.

White credited friends at Launch Digital Marketing for helping to create the “revitalized identity.”

Now Career & Networking Center

Since establishing itself as a 501c3 nonprofit in 1996, the Career & Networking Center (formerly Community Career Center) has been addressing the concerns and needs of job seekers and career changers seeking consultation in the areas of resume writing, networking, interviewing skills, job search strategy, career exploration, and necessary computer skills.

Today the Career & Networking Center remains the go-to resource center that provides a supportive and professional setting where individuals can conduct a productive and successful job search, receive professional development and career-enhancing advice, learn about personal and professional brand/image awareness brand/image consulting and build one’s network. An expert group of human resource and other business professionals works with job seekers, career changers and those seeking career advancement in setting reasonable goals and implementing strategies that meet their specific needs and help them grow professionally. Programs and services are available without geographic restrictions.

For more information, visit careernetworkingcenter.org.  Career & Networking Center is located at 1815 W. Diehl Road, Suite 900, and may be reached at (630) 961-5665.

Editor’s Note / Community Career Center, now Career & Networking Center, also is known for its annual fundraiser, Dancing with Celebrities held at Meson Sabika

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