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How many little plastic ducks will navigate the DuPage River in the Riverwalk Duck Race?


Above / Up to 2,000 little plastic numbered ducks will be released into the DuPage River at 10AM Wed., Aug. 14. Right now, a little rain would be helpful to assist the navigation of the ducks as they meander from the footbridge toward the Eagle Street Bridge. At 11AM on Aug. 13, 2019, the water level of the roaring DuPage was quite low. Yet, just as last year, last-day duck sales are brisk! Duck sales end at 11:59PM today, Aug. 13. 

Update with NACC Photo at 4:27PM Aug. 13 / This pony is taking a quack in the Riverwalk Jumbo Duck Race for the 5-Star Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. Cheers to local businesses! (Photo courtesy Lauren Holtz  for NACC)

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Originally Posted at 1:10PM Aug. 13 / The 4th Annual Riverwalk Duck Race, presented by Busey Bank and hosted by the Naperville Riverwalk Foundation, is slated to begin at 10AM Wed., Aug. 14, 2019.

In addition to little plastic duck racers, squeaky rubber duckies are getting lined up for the “Creative Costume Contest” where you can vote for your favorite theme. We’re looking forward to seeing many new entries this year from the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, Colbert’s Art Framing, St. Patrick’s Residence and Pinot’s Palette!

Busey Bank is sponsoring 10 nonprofit rubber duckies in the Jumbo Duck Creative Costume Contest—360 Youth Services, Bridge Communities, DuPage Children’s Museum, Heart of a Veteran, Little Friends, Loaves & Fishes Community Services, Naperville Area Human Society, Naperville Responds for Veterans, NCTV17 and Project H.E.L.P.

All jumbo ducks will compete together for “bragging rights” and the good sport of it. 

Folks who visit www.napervilleduckrace.com will see that the St. Patrick’s Residence Team is receiving lots of support with votes online via duck purchases. 

Riverwalk Foundation President John Cuff said earlier that he appreciates every five-buck duck that’s purchased.

“I encourage everyone to send out one last round of emails asking friends, co workers and family to participate by purchasing ducks,” Cuff reminded PN. “And at the same time encourage them to join us at 10AM on Wednesday to watch the race.”

In other words, rain or shine, plan to come on down to the banks of the DuPage River to watch the release of up to 2,000 plastic ducks from the footbridge near Centennial Park as they begin their float to the Eagle Street Bridge. And listen to the joyful sounds of all ages cheering in hopes that the little plastic numbered ducky that gets to the finish line first belongs to them!

The Visitors Center in the Old Netzley House is just south of Moser Tower at Rotary Hill. Find Jumbo Ducks here.

Riverwalk Duck Race Schedule

11:59PM, Aug. 13 – All duck sales end at www.riverwalkduckrace.org.

8:45AM – Jumbo Ducks are welcome to line up for display near the Old Netzley House along the Riverwalk.

9:15AM-9:55AM, Aug. 14 – All ages are welcome to use two (2) free raffle tickets (handed out that day) to help judge the Jumbo Duck Creative Costume Contest featuring 20-plus large rubber duckies decked out in attire representing a theme. Find the table-top display set up outside the Visitors Center in the Old Netzley House along the Riverwalk.

10AM, Aug. 14 – Trumpet Call for little plastic ducks to enter DuPage River.

10:00:10AM, Aug. 14 – Little plastic ducks released from the footbridge (near Centennial Beach) into the DuPage River.

10:00:12AM, Aug. 14 – Jumbo Duck released, depending on water level of DuPage River.

Little plastic numbered ducks will be comin’ around the bend of the DuPage River a little after 10:15AM as they venture toward the finish line at the Eagle Street Bridge. (PN photo 11AM Aug. 13)

11AM, Aug. 14 – Winners announced near the Eagle Street Bridge.

11:10, Aug. 14 – High tail it toward downtown for lunch and shopping. What a wonderful destination in the heart of Naperville!

Carmen Miranduck is decked out for Loaves & Fishes Community Services.

Buy a chance to win $1,981 at www.riverwalkduckrace.com

Duck numbers are $5 each, $20 for five, $100 for 25 with other multi-duck packages available, too.

While the Riverwalk Foundation has been in its quiet stage for major fundraising since its campaign to help develop Fredenhagen Park in 2003, the Riverwalk Duck Race was launched in 2016 to begin a fun way to heighten awareness about the needs and care of the Riverwalk as well as to educate visitors about letting wildlife be wild. 

Feeding human snacks and bread crumbs to ducks, geese and other waterfowl is harmful to the health of wildlife and to the environment.

Don’t feed the ducks. Take a quack and race them!

In other words, “Don’t feed the ducks. Take a quack and race them.”

Numbers for 2,000 ducks are for sale, online only, until 11:59PM Tues., Aug. 13.  You don’t have to be present to win!

All proceeds will benefit the Riverwalk Foundation for education and enhancements along the winding brick paths of the city’s natural treasure in the heart of the central business district.

To take a quack at a chance for the grand prize of $1,981 with a five-buck duck, visit www.riverwalkduckrace.com.

George Washington Duck is prepared to cross the Delaware, but first the decorated duck will represent Naperville Responds for Veterans in the Jumbo Duck Creative Costume Contest. Cheers!

Thanks to all friends of the Naperville Riverwalk, past, present & future!

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