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The Next Generation – Sidewalk Sales conjure up memories


Above / Do you remember Oswald’s last sidewalk sale along Jefferson Avenue in downtown Naperville before the pharmacy established in 1875 moved to Naperville Plaza in 2004?

Below / Or do you continue to have fond memories of Oswald’s sidewalk sales where they offer great summer bargains at Naperville Plaza, located at Washington and Gartner?

For the past 15 years, we’ve continued to have a Sidewalk Sale at Oswald’s in Naperville Plaza. The event is a great way to commemorate our years of selling on the sidewalk of Downtown Naperville. Oswald’s, however, is a much different pharmacy than the one at 39 W. Jefferson.

When the new millennium rolled in, Downtown Naperville was in the midst of becoming the main street mall it is today. Local businesses were being replaced by national specialty chains and boutiques. On top of the facelift, downtown couldn’t handle parking for all the interested shoppers.

In 2004, my dad and his siblings decided it was time to move Oswald’s out of Downtown Naperville – a location it had occupied since 1875. The decision was not easy, but it turned out to be the beginning of a new chapter for the store.

Moving the store to Naperville Plaza was akin to moving to a “new downtown.” Grocery stores like Casey’s, along with a wide array of service providers, were the perfect compliment to the pharmacy. Downtown Naperville had become a luxury shopping destination – a shopping experience not conducive with picking up your cholesterol medication.

Ten years after we moved into Naperville Plaza, we decided to expand our medical equipment section into a full-fledged showroom. This allowed us to serve the Naperville community with a greater degree of experience and compassion. Prescriptions and the right medical equipment, all in one place.

Compassion may sound like a funny word to use in the context of serving customers, but it’s something that is sorely lacking in our current online-centric market. Pharmacists and medical equipment team members offer unique solutions based on each customer’s needs.

Cliché as it may sound, we care about our customers. We stand behind all our products and services. Every product line we carry was carefully chosen to represent the quality we know our customers deserve. Our pharmacists are textbook community pharmacists – a small group of pharmacists who work weekdays and weekends. This allows you to know your pharmacist and your pharmacist to know you.

With Amazon seemingly taking over the retail world, we are focused on the business of helping our customers and community. Our ‘Recommendations for you’ are selected by an expert, not an algorithm.

Thanks for supporting your local business community whenever possible. —PN

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Wil Anderson
Wil Andersonhttps://oswaldspharmacy.com/
Wil Anderson is a lifelong Naperville resident and manager at Oswald's Pharmacy in Naperville Plaza.