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Apply now for spot in annual Jaycees Last Fling Labor Day Parade


Above / Frank E. Fling, the mascot for the Naperville Jaycees, welcomes local organizations and businesses to participate in the 2019 Last Fling Labor Day Parade slated for Sept. 2. Registration is now in progress.

The Naperville Jaycees again will host their annual fun-filled family-friendly festival, Last Fling, an end-of-summer celebration before everyone returns to more organized routines that come with another school year. The four-day event is capped off by the city’s annual Labor Day Parade.

The 2019 Last Fling is slated for Fri., Aug. 30, through Mon., Sept. 2, all along Jackson Avenue beginning at Main Street and throughout the Riverwalk, with many activities for youngsters at Naper Settlement.

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Apply by July 31, parade form is online

On the final day of Last Fling, the city hosts its annual Labor Day Parade that attracts tens of thousands of spectators to downtown Naperville on the Monday morning of Labor Day. The parade steps off from Naperville North High School, heads south on Mill Street, east on Jefferson, south on Main and west on Porter until it begins to dissipate near the Meeting House at Naper Settlement, finally ending at Naperville Central High School.

Last Fling Labor Day Parade Co-Chairmen Laurie DeKruiff and Paul DeKruiff urge folks who want to participate with an entry in the Labor Day event to apply by the Wed., July 31, deadline.  

Celebrating 35 years of service, folks representing Loaves & Fishes Community Services marched in the Downtown Naperville Parade featured recently on WGN9 Morning News.

The theme for the 2019 Naperville Jaycees Last Fling Labor Day Parade is a “A Celebration of 35 Years of Loaves & Fishes.”

Businesses, marching bands, homeowners’ groups, individuals, sports clubs, school organizations, etc., are welcome to join the Naperville Jaycees and 2019 Labor Day Parade Grand Marshall to recognize all the efforts of Loaves & Fishes.

To be considered for the Naperville Jaycees Labor Day Parade, applicants must complete the form posted on the Jaycees Last Fling website, www.lastfling.org. All entries will be reviewed for appropriateness and contacts will be informed if/when approved. 

All instructions, fees and entry qualifications are posted online and most of the application can be filled out online at Jaycees Last Fling.

If after reading the details online more information is needed, contact the DeKruiffs via email at general@lastfling.org.

For everything you need to know about Last Fling, including sponsorships and concert schedules and advance tickets, visit www.lastfling.org.


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