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Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk has created awareness along the Riverwalk since 2011


Above, Update, July 14, 2019 / Organizer Ann Zediker, far right, and family are grateful to more than 900 participants, a record number, who showed up for the 2019 Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk that began and ended at the Naperville Riverwalk Grand Pavilion. One-hundred percent of every dollar raised goes toward research. By 1PM July 14, the tally for this year’s fundraising event was $104.6K. Watch for news about the 2020 fundraiser, same time next year.

Update, April 21, 2021 / Organizers of the Naperville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk, benefiting Lustgarten Foundation, have announced the 2021 fundraiser is set for Sun., July 18 with educational festivities and a start at the Naperville Riverwalk Grand Pavilion as well as starts at a neighborhood near you. 

COVID-related protocols will be followed. Chair Jen Tedrow and other organizers are hopeful the number of active participants may be even larger than previous years thanks to the addition of a “neighborhood” option.

For more info and to register, visit www.lustgarten.org/napervillewalk. Watch for more details coming soon.

Walk organizers expressed appreciation that Naperville City Carillonneur Tim Sleep performed a concert on the 72-bell carillon featuring some of Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits as a tribute to all individuals who lost their lives because of pancreatic cancer.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: July 13, 2019 / Today we’re reflecting on what we’ve learned about the importance of medical research when we’ve attended the Pancreatic Cancer Research Walks in recent years. The goal this year was to raise $90,000. Cheers to the success of Ann Zediker and all the dedicated fundraising teams. As of 5PM Sat., July 13, the Naperville event had raised more than $97,000! 

For 2019, registration begins at 8:30AM Sun., July 14.  Simply show up with family and friends to check in at the Naperville Riverwalk Grant Pavilion, just west of Centennial Beach at 500 W. Jackson Ave. The walk begins with inspiration at 9:45AM. Thanks!

EDITOR’S UPDATE: July 9, 2018 / The 2018 Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk is slated to begin at 8AM Sun., July 15, at the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion, 500 W. Jackson Ave. in Naperville. Simply register at the Grand Pavilion on Sunday morning.  Walk begins at 9AM. For 2018, doctors from Edward-Elmhurst Hospital will be in attendance to speak at the walk. 

EDITOR’S UPDATE: April 1, 2016 / Celebrate progress with friends and family during the 2016 Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk slated for Sunday, July 24, 2016 / Riverwalk Grand Pavilion, 500 W. Jackson Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540 / Registration Begins at 8AM, Walk Begins at 9AM. Participants will have an option of a 1.5 mile or 5k walk. The route is handicap and stroller accessible. Dogs are permitted at the park on a leash.

Every dollar raised will go directly to Pancreatic Cancer Research www.lustgarten.org / INFO & Advance Registration. 

EDITOR’S UPDATE: July 23, 2015 /  The 2015 Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk is slated to begin at 8AM Sunday, July 26, 2015 / Riverwalk Grand Pavilion.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: July 7, 2014 / The 2014 Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk is slated to begin at 8AM Sun., July 27, at the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion, 500 W. Jackson Ave. in Naperville. Simply register at the Grand Pavilion on Sunday morning.  Walk begins at 9AM.

Here’s why Lindsey Doherty walks… “It was November 2010 when my family got the news that would change our lives.  On that day, we found out that my dad had pancreatic cancer. The doctor explained to all of us what exactly this meant. The statistics are not good about 46,420 people are diagnosed every year and about 39,950 die in that year.

“My dad, only 60 years old, could be taken from us – just like that. My dad started chemo and continued to work throughout it until he could physically no longer do it.  When he became sicker my mom, my sister and I took care of him.  I’d walk in the door, and the first thing he would say was ‘Hey Linds!’ – I can still hear him saying it now.  I’d say, ‘Hey Dad!’ I’d give him a hug.  Hospice was also part of my Dad’s care.  I couldn’t believe that my Dad was lying there in a hospital bed.  My dad was tough, not weak.  It all happened so fast; in less than 5 short months my dad was gone.  He was diagnosed in November, and gone in April.  Both my sister Megan and I got married in 2011 and our Dad didn’t get to walk us down the aisle, he will never meet his grandchildren, and he will never say ‘Hey Linds!’ ever again.

“After losing him, I found The Lustgarten Foundation and learned that 100 percent of the donations received goes to pancreatic cancer research. I knew this was the Foundation that I was going to get involved with. My dad passed away April 13, 2011, and on April 15, 2012, I was walking in my first Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Walk.  Please get involved and help find a cure.”

Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk 2012 set stage for future successes

Original Post, April 15, 2012 / The 2nd Annual Naperville Pancreatic  Cancer Research Walk was held Sunday morning, April 15, at the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion in downtown Naperville.  Organizer Ann Zediker said roughly 300 Naperville area residents, families and friends whose lives have been impacted by pancreatic cancer  had signed up in advance for the second annual walk  along the Riverwalk.  Last-minute registrants boosted the number of participants and fundraising to a higher number.

Committee member John Zediker said families and friends had organized teams ranging from 10 to 50 individuals  to walk as a tribute to someone who had fought pancreatic cancer.  For instance, his wife’s father, Phil Pagano, had lost his battle with the silent cancer in 2010 and the Zediker children were participating in their grandfather’s memory.  The walk attracted  folks from throughout the Chicago area. Participants from Oswego who had attended the Pancreatic  Cancer Research Walk in Chicago last year said they were pleased that Naperville had organized such a fine event.  Chalk drawings, face painting, games, raffles, family fun and a menu by Belgio’s Catering created many ways for everyone to enjoy the engaging hospitality.

After he’d finished his participation at the 360 Youth Services Spring Ahead 5K & 10K Run, Mayor George Pradel arrived at the event to thank everyone for supporting the important fundraiser.

Update! On April 17, Ann Zediker said nearly $50,000 had been raised on Sunday.

“It went well and we were thrilled it didn’t rain,” said Zediker.  “I just wanted to send you some of the updated numbers from Ann Walsh, the Director of Events at the Lustgarten Foundation. The raffle raised $1,949; overall we anticipate to be near $50,000.”

Walsh also offered her congratulations to Ann Zediker and other organizers of the walk.  “It really was an incredible event…   Truly a beautiful tribute to your dad,” she said. “Huge congratulations to Ann Zediker, Trish Mazur, and Lindsey Doherty who worked so hard in organizing this walk.”

For everything you need to know about the basics of pancreatic cancer and why it’s known as a “silent disease,” visit the Lustgarten Foundation at www.lustgarten.org.  The 2012  event was attended by event-planning representatives from the Lustgarten Foundation, located at 1111 Stewart Ave. in Bethpage, New York.  Thanks to all for visiting Naperville and for providing enlightening background about the history and  mission of the Lustgarten Foundation.

P.S. Thanks to a commitment from Cablevision to underwrite all of The Lustgarten Foundation’s administrative expenses, 100 percent of every donation they receive will go directly to pancreatic cancer research.

Note: The following photos first posted in 2012 are best viewed on a desk top. The 2nd Annual Naperville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk was held in the spring of 2012. The following year, the fundraising family-friendly event was moved to a mid-July date where it has remained ever since. The last three photos in this grouping were taken July 14, 2019.


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