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Quick Quack Facts posted for return of Riverwalk Duck Race on Aug. 14


Above / Last summer Quigley’s Irish Pub and PN quacked up for the fun of it—and they did not go to Disney World!

Celebrate Naperville’s crown jewel and adopt a duck! Don’t feed the ducks! Take a quack! Purchase a lucky ducky number or two. Race them! 

The 4th Annual Riverwalk Duck Race presented by Busey Bank begins at 10AM, Wed., Aug. 14, rain or shine. Remember rainy days are good luck for ducks!

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Whether jumbo and rubber or little and plastic, all the Riverwalk Duck Racers started without decorations.
Blooming Color aims to stand out!

Ducks will race from the footbridge to the Eagle Street Bridge. The winning duck usually gets there in 10 minutes.

Don’t be late.

Trumpeteer Pete Ellman will signal the start of the race with “First Call” at 10AM sharp.

If a thunderstorm is overhead, the race will be postponed. But the race will go on! You don’t have to be present to win.

Five-buck ducks and five other duck packages are available at riverwalkduckrace.com for a chance to win $1,981, $500 and $250.

Duck numbers are only sold online until 11:59PM Tues., Aug. 13, 2019, or until all 2,000 ducks are sold.

Duck sponsors have plenty of time to “adopt” a duck number. Again, the deadline to have a number in the race is 11:59PM on Tues., Aug. 13.

One more thing… Throughout the year, the Naperville Riverwalk in the heart of downtown is the natural setting for dozens and dozens of family outings, community events and fundraising walks for nonprofit causes; events coordinated by the Naperville Park District. Other than private donations, memorial gifts, and the sale of commemorative trees, park benches, bricks and granite stones; the Riverwalk Duck Race is the only fund-and-awareness raiser for the Riverwalk Foundation. 

Fond Jumbo Duck Memories from 2018

Kevin Snowduck, Esq.; Waldo for Busey, Cat for Naperville Area Humane Society and Riverwalk Racer welcomed voters near the old Netzley House just prior to the 2018 race.

Absolutely no duck numbers sold at the event. Be sure to prepare your children if you don’t have a duck in the race. And help young ones understand only three numbers will win prizes. Advance duck sales only while supply lasts. Jumbo ducks for decorating are $100 each, while supply lasts.

Disguised as Waldo, the 2018 Busey duck is hiding behind ducks representing nonprofits (Naperville Responds for Veterans, 360 Youth Services, DuPage PADS, NCTV17, Little Friends, and Project HELP) to promote independent businesses and the importance of shopping and banking locally, especially now for back-to-school necessities.
Just back from sponsoring Rotary Ride, DHJJ is set to compete with other quackers!

People’s Choice

All children can vote (no charge) in the People’s Choice Jumbo Duck Creative Costume Contest that will be on exhibit near the stone Visitors Center (former Netzley House) just south of the footbridge near the Moser Tower. 

Alert! Voting will be from 9AM to 9:45AM.

Come see all the decorated ducks in a row!

Depending on the water level in the DuPage River, the jumbo ducks will race, too! And it’s all for bragging rights.

To order a Jumbo Duck ($100) to decorate in the costume of your choice, contact Stephanie@positivelynaperville.com. Jumbo ducks will be delivered only to Naperville addresses.

Visit Downtown Naperville

After the race, venture into the heart of downtown Naperville to shop and have lunch to celebrate that another school year begins soon!

High tail it to check out the painted pooches that dot the sidewalks in this summer’s “Dog Days” display. And venture over to Main Street at Water Street to see what’s new in Moser Place in downtown Naperville.

All  proceeds will benefit the Riverwalk Foundation for education (Let wildlife be wild… human snacks are deleterious to animals’ health and harmful to the environment.) and enhancements along the winding brick paths of the city’s natural treasure in the heart of the central business district.

Remember that operations, care and maintenance of our community’s prides and joys cost money. Events promoted as “free of charge” are supported in other ways.

Thanks to Busey, Big Frog T-Shirts and Jumbo Duck sponsors ($100 each) as well as all duck racers ($5 each) for supporting the Riverwalk Foundation.

And the winners of the 2018 Riverwalk Duck Race…

Winning numbers in the Riverwalk Duck Race were #1979 (First Place, $1981, Greg Mulvey); #167 (2nd Place, $500, Dick Galitz); #643 (Third Place, $250, Rebecca Luginbill).

Hats off to all who took a quack…

The Jumbo Duck race ran concurrently with the Riverwalk Duck Race, more or less.

First duck overall to the finish line, Jumbo Duck MACLYN for bragging rights. MACLYN was followed close behind by the first three plastic ducks in the Riverwalk Duck Race before another Jumbo Duck finished the race.

The “People’s Choice” for the Jumbo Duck so-called “Creative Costume Contest” was Naperville Responds for Veterans. Second Place was Little Friends. Third Place was Loaves & Fishes Community Services.

Thanks to all who voted with two free raffle tickets for their two favorite decorated ducks.

Congratulations to all 22 Jumbo Ducks that were entered in the competition and finished the race for bragging rights! Several river-soaked entries already had departed by the time of this photo session.

In response to several inquiries regarding the ‘mid-week’ event…  

“For starters, the event was designed to attract youngsters on a “school day” just before school begins. It’s also to try to educate families how the Riverwalk was imagined and built by volunteers in what is now a public/private partnership, begun to commemorate Naperville’s 150th birthday in 1981.

Further, the Duck Race is to raise awareness to let wildlife be wild as well as to respect the environment everywhere and to care for our city’s natural treasure.

And thanks to everyone who purchased the five-buck ducks or one of the special packages for a chance to win.

Meanwhile, keep tabs on the Riverwalk at www.napervilleriverwalkfoundation.org and remember to help keep wildlife healthy and wild.  To purchase a number for duck, visit riverwalkduckrace.com.

Cheers to a few ducks on deck, ready for folks to vote in the 2018 People’s Choice. The 2019 Riverwalk Duck Race is slated for 10AM Wed., Aug. 14.
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