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Strike up the band! Thanks to all who help keep Naperville safe


Above/ This year celebrates the 160th year of the Naperville Municipal Band! Don’t rain on our city’s parade season! Naperville loves its parades! Thanks to public safety provided by the Naperville Police Department and Naperville Fire Department for all the city’s events.

Every morning news arrives about what’s being celebrated nationally on any given day. For instance, today is National Pancake Day. Another group sends “Travel Trivia,” filled oftentimes with little-known facts from around the world.

Today, Travel Trivia featured Naperville as the Number One safest city in the United States among eight that are mostly in California. Though it’s a well-known fact here among residents, it’s worth remembering and repeating that this city is blessed with nationally-accredited public safety departments.

In the words of Travel Trivia, “Naperville is one of many cities orbiting Chicago, though it has a significant focus on simple family life. Most people own their own homes, the schools are some of the best in the country and it’s one of the few places in the U.S. where millennials seem to be able to afford a lifestyle that resembles that post-war suburban bliss our grandparents enjoyed.”

The other seven cities that received top recognition for public safety are Glendale, CA (No. 8); Sunnyvale, CA (No. 7); Carlsbad, CA (No. 6); Round Rock, TX (No. 5); Provo, UT (No. 4); Thousand Oaks, CA (No. 3); and Irvine, CA (No. 2).

Thank you, McGruff and Sparky, for your presence at special educational events and for all the reminders to prevent crime and accidental fires in this Midwestern city. Thank you, Crime Stoppers, for repeatedly sending the message that “Keeping the community safe is everyone’s responsibility.”

In Naperville, celebrate Citizens Appreciate Public Safety!

Thanks also to the City of Naperville for using a photo of the Naperville Municipal Band that’s been around since 1859 as its cover shot this month on its website. 

Celebrate safely!

Naperville’s parade season steps off at 10AM Sat., March 16, during the annual St. Patrick’s Parade that meanders through downtown Naperville. Spectators welcome to this family event!

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