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To celebrate the fresh face of spring, Turning Pointe will launch a new look this month. A reimagined logo and website to welcome all to our work.

Each day in our school students get a new chance. Families find new hope. And the community bands together to make it all so. Therefore this spring, after months of planning; Turning Pointe proudly puts forward a new look.

The main theme is They are the Why and You are the How.

Our students are why we remain motivated, mesmerized and committed to finding best practice solutions to teach. Students like Jamie, a young girl who spent months isolated at home as her team struggled to keep her safe, groomed or learning. After careful assessment, Jamie now sits for long periods of time in her classroom and her rate of self-aggression is nearly extinct. Often she works for the reward of watching bubbles blown by her aids. A simple solution for a profoundly complicated set of circumstances. Students like Tommy who will begin work with an Employment Partner in March, two months before graduation from the Career College! Tommy who struggled to stay engaged, now heading to work at one of the big four accounting firms. Thanks to the confidence and advocacy gained at Turning Pointe, he is now on path toward greater independence.

Jamie and Tommy are just two of the many students relying on our best practice approach to improve communication, socially appropriate behaviors and independence. All student progress is only possible because of individuals like you that invest or get involved in our mission.

You are how we remain able to respond to the needs of students and committed to best practice solutions for teaching. Without the support of our community – from neighbors, employers, funders, our local civic leaders and servants – Turning Pointe could not deliver the level of quality it does to deserving students. From Eagle Scout projects providing service projects to the generosity of funders for our school construction; the kindness of individuals like you make our mission possible.

At Turning Pointe, we know our friends with autism are working harder than any of us to adapt and overcome. We witness their challenges and their achievements every day. And they truly inspire us. Hopefully the new website will be a portal for you to share in more of these inspired moments, too.

As it is launched this month, we hope you will check it out. The address is www.turningpoinateautismfoundation.org. Use it to interact with us, consider becoming a bigger or renewed part of our mission or share with others and welcome them to our important work.

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Carrie Provenzale
Carrie Provenzalehttp://www.turningpointeautismfoundation.org
Carrie Provenzale is the Executive Director of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation. Previously, she served as a consultant and member of the Turning Pointe Board of Directors. She also has 20 years of experience with local and regional nonprofits.

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