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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Pet Words of Wisdom – We appreciate your loyalty


Thank goodness for March.

Retailers live in dread of the months of January and February. We made our money in December and, quite frankly, it has to last through February. We all spent our money in December and we are building our accounts back to normal. Even though we’re familiar with the drill that happens every year in retail, there is still an adjustment.

March is a great transition month. Animals are beginning to be adopted for spring, so we bring up more dogs and cats. It’s also time to plan our pond season. This year we are excited to return to the new fish supplier we started with last year. Their fish were phenomenal!

We have a kids club that meets monthly. It’s been a growing success and we expect it to continue to grow. Check out our Facebook page or our website for all the details.

Please join our loyalty club. It’s new and all handled in house. Look for many coupons and giveaways. Ask to join the next time you’re in the store. Membership includes a newsletter that is emailed once a month. The newsletter always has a coupon. It is the only email we send. One a month. I’ve joined about every loyalty program only to bail out as the number of emails was constant and unreasonable. We won’t do that to you.

Check out our GeniusBark for answers to all of your pet questions. We really do know our stuff.

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Greg Gordon
Greg Gordonhttp://dogpatchpets.com
Greg Gordon is the General Manager and Proprietor of Dog Patch Pet & Feed in Naperville. Contact him through the pet store at info@dogpatchpets.com.

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