In February we think of St. Valentine’s Day and hearts and maybe even the saying that “Home is where the heart is.”

Many of us live in a home for many years, but military personnel are often moving every few years as they are reassigned to new bases or ports. While most people spend time to find that perfect house that they can live in for years and years, military personnel and their spouses are looking for houses that they will make into a home for just a few years and usually don’t have a lot of time to search the new area.

Do they choose base housing or do they buy or rent a home in the area where they will serve? Sometimes that depends on whether base housing is available.

No matter where they will live, once they find housing, the next step is planning the move. The moving company will pack everything up, but you have to be careful. The mover is usually the low-cost bidder and might ask to reuse boxes from prior moves. That could mean your box ends up in the wrong room at your new house. If one of the children leaves his I-Pad out, it may very well get packed. That means it won’t be available for the two-day car ride to the new house and will probably also be in one of the last boxes to be unpacked.

Just as with families who face a corporate move, other adventures await as a family adjusts to new neighborhoods and new schools. They might even be adjusting to a new country. But every month there are military personnel and their families moving to new assignments and making a house into a home where there heart will be, even if only for a few years.