For me, while February is the shortest month of the year, it often feels the longest. With the holidays in the rear-view mirror and the warm, spring air still a long way in the distance, I sometimes feel February goes on forever.

If you’re like me, then here’s a suggestion to lift your spirits during the cold days of February. Check out NCTV17’s new Community Events page at

Throughout the year the station covers more than 40 community events. If you have cable television you can watch them on Channel 17. However, this past year, the station also started posting these same events to our mobile-responsive website so you can watch them any time of the day or night on any device you own.

You can enjoy a wide variety of community concerts; everything from the Naperville Men’s Glee Club “Voices of Hope” to the Xilin Lantern Festival to the Naperville Municipal Band summer concerts (that should help you get ready for summer!)

There are also performances from our local high schools and North Central College. Whether it is the annual drum show at Naperville Central or the Mosaic & World Beat concert at Waubonsie Valley – you will be thoroughly entertained and in awe of the level of musical talent that resides within our schools.

NCTV17 also covers community presentations: the annual State of the City, Naper Settlement’s “History Speaks”, as well as special presentations such as Congregation Beth Shalom’s Interfaith Solidarity program.

And, you can always count on your local TV station to put you curbside at the annual parades celebrating: St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, India Day, Labor Day, and the Little Friends Parade of Lights.

So, if February is giving you the winter blues, check out NCTV17’s new Community Events page and enjoy some of the many wonderful performances and presentations that happen each year around town!