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The Next Generation – Winters in Naperville


One thing I’ve always loved about living in Naperville is getting to experience all four seasons. A summary: spring and fall aren’t long enough, while summer and winter last too long. Even with its length, winter is still the most nostalgic season for me, for a number of reasons.

Finding a great sledding spot. When I was a kid my family’s third move relocated us to Saybrook, near Arrowhead park. Any kid who has lived in Naperville for a few winters knows that Arrowhead has the best sled hill in town. The problem is that it’s always way too crowded.

As I got a bit older, finding great spots to sled or snowboard (using the term very loosely) was a regular winter activity. My friends and I would always try new spots. The hill next to the tracks on Columbia St. was good, as were some of the hills hidden in neighborhoods around Market Meadows. If I really think about it, there was no ‘best spot,’ because anywhere with friends was the best spot.

Walking to school in the snow: I walked to school until I got my first car at 17. Walking to school as a kid never bothered me, but winter walking was the most fun. Snowball fights, sliding on the ice, climbing on plow piles—there was no shortage of things to do on the walk to school. After I started driving to school though, snowy days turned into the worst (but that’s a rant for another day).

Going downtown: Downtown Naperville during the winter is a great place. The lights, music, sales, events and people—the hustle and bustle of the season creates a great atmosphere. The grand illumination encapsulates many of these things into one event.

As I write this the weather forecast shows a few days coming up in the negative degrees. Stay warm and enjoy the good parts of winter!

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Wil Anderson
Wil Andersonhttps://oswaldspharmacy.com/
Wil Anderson is a lifelong Naperville resident and manager at Oswald's Pharmacy in Naperville Plaza.