Staying a step ahead in this technically advanced age can be challenging, but when the times demand it, modifications must be made. And that is exactly what the heads of Classic Cinemas, owners of Ogden 6 Theatre, thought when they invested over a million dollars in a project that is bringing a total refresh to the beloved neighborhood second-run movie house.

Scheduled for completion in early 2019, the renovation includes the elimination of center aisles, small screens, and space-efficient molded plastic seats. Improvements offer upgraded heated recliners, wide screens, state-of-the-art sound systems, and new lighting.

But will these enhancements be enough to lure movie fans away from the Netflix stream they watch from their Lazy Boys on the big screen TV in their media room? CEO Chris Johnson is optimistic. Comfort and affordability are key: customers will be treated to a five star experience at a reasonable price. Even with a modest increase in the cost of a ticket, a boost in attendance is expected now that patrons can see first-run movies. (Children and seniors: $5.00. Adults: $5.00 before 6PM and all day Tuesdays; $7.50 after 6PM.)

For those who still may need a little push to actually attend a screening in one of Ogden 6’s auditoriums, here is some food for thought: the theater has something that one cannot get at home– arguably the best popcorn in the suburbs and beyond (unless, of course, you go to any of the other Classic Cinemas in the area). The addition of more concession selling stations and a self-serve drink counter offsets long waiting lines and enables movie goers to get their treats and get to their seats in plenty of time to see the trailers.

Other amenities include daily matinees, free refills on all popcorn and fountain drinks, digital 4K projection with surround sound, advance ticketing, devices for the hearing and visually impaired, a rewards program, and a friendly staff. With Ogden 6’s newly established quality, convenience, and economy, it’s a perfect time to make 2019 the year of the movie habit.

Ogden 6 Theatre
1227 East Ogden Avenue
Naperville, IL
(630) 355.5050