Above / First responders answer calls to structure fires on Naperville’s north side and south side. (PN File Photo used to identify a fire event.)

Structure Fire 1600 Block of Masters Court (South of Diehl Road)

At 11:43AM on Mon., Jan. 19, 2019, Naperville’s Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) received a 911 call from a fire alarm monitoring company stating there was activated fire alarm signal being received from a townhouse complex located on the 1600 block of Masters Court. A single engine assignment was immediately dispatched to the location by PSAP. Engine Company 4 arrived on scene within six minutes of receiving the call and reported nothing showing from the two-story townhouse structure. Upon further investigation, the engine company identified the alarm signal was coming from a unit that was not occupied at the time of the alarm.

A neighbor contacted the occupant and provided the engine company with a code to make entry through the garage. Upon entry into the unit the engine company noted significant smoke coming from the main floor laundry room.

Engine 4 upgraded the incident to a general alarm assignment bringing two additional engine companies, two additional truck companies, one squad company, two additional ambulances, two battalion
commanders and two rescue vehicles to the scene. The upgraded assignment brought a total of 26 personnel to
the incident.

Companies initiated an aggressive coordinated fire attack and extinguished the fire within minutes. Extra time
was taken to ensure there was minimal fire spread into areas adjacent to the laundry room. Areas with active
burning were uncovered and extinguished within another ten minutes of being on the scene. Crews continued to
perform salvage and overhaul operations for another twenty minutes after the main fire was extinguished.

One family was displaced as a result of damage that occurred to the wood frame structure. Assistance was provided to the displaced family by the American Red Cross. No injuries to any residents or firefighters operating at the scene were reported during this incident.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and area of origin determined to be in the laundry room. The
Naperville Fire Department was assisted at the scene by the Naperville Police Department and Naperville
Transportation, Engineering, & Development Department (T.E.D.).

Structure Fire 500 Settlers Court (South of Knoch Knolls Road)

At 3:47PM on Mon., Jan. 21, 2019, Naperville’s Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) received a 911 call for the report of smoke in the single-family residence located in the 500 block of Settlers Court. Naperville 911(PSAP) dispatched a General Alarm assignment to the reported address which brought 12 pieces of fire apparatus and 26 fire personnel to the scene.

The first unit arrived on scene at 3:49PM and reported a small fire in the exterior of the structure that extended into the basement wall of the residence. Upon the arrival of additional fire companies the fire was extinguished, a search of the residence was completed, and salvage and overhaul operations were performed. No civilian injuries were reported. An inspector from Naperville’s Transportation Engineering and Development (TED) was also notified. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation and the residence was deemed habitable.

The Naperville Fire Department was assisted on the scene by the Naperville Police Department and the
Naperville Public Works Department. The Westmont Fire Department and Bolingbrook Fire Department provided
coverage to the Naperville fire stations during this incident. There were no injuries to firefighters working on the

Reports submitted by James C. Kubinski, EMT-P, Bureau Chief – E.M.S., for the Naperville Fire Department.