Well, the holidays have started and December is usually filled with opportunities to gather with friends, family and co-workers, and it is usually over food and drink. So let us enjoy this wonderful holiday season for the joyous time that it really is, while still partaking in the fun… and the food.

First of all, have some cookies and a slice of pie! Why would we deprive ourselves of some of the most delicious items that we don’t usually eat the rest of the year? Just have one serving and then move on.

Second, offer to bring something to the gathering. This gives us an option of something that is healthy and that we can eat a good-sized portion of without over loading ourselves on calories.

Third, remember these tips and tricks while at the buffet or table:

  • Eat more veggies and fruits than starches.
  • Choose leaner cuts of meat.
  • Serve sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.
  • Start the meal with salad or fruit.

Fourth, alcoholic beverages can add calories very quickly without us even realizing it. Choose light beer or dry wines. Mix wine or mixed drinks with half sparkling water to reduce the alcohol content and the calories.

Fifth, but most importantly, the real reason to get together with everyone over the holidays is to celebrate, rejoice and enjoy each other. Have a blessed and safe, joyous and peaceful holiday season.