At Loaves & Fishes, there are many special moments every day. We see hope overcome despair, and compassion overtake fear. There are stories of great transformation and single moments of personal triumph. One of the ways that Loaves & Fishes provides hope and dignity is through our holiday meal program. Last year we provided the food for over 3,000 holiday meals in November and December. Each meal is complete with turkey or ham, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, fruit, and yes, even pie! During this season, I want to share just how much that meal meant to our client Jennifer:

“My children and I haven’t had a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal all together in five years since my divorce. Each and every one of the Loaves & Fishes volunteers went out of their way to make sure we had everything for a Thanksgiving meal including turkey. After five years of trials and tribulations, I had promised that if it killed me, I would make sure we all sat down together for the first time in five years and I would make a holiday meal for them. It was the best moment of my life. My kids have spent the last five years at friends’ houses for the holidays. I sent them there while I chose to sit alone just so they could experience family. What your volunteers did for me touched my heart to its core. I cannot thank you enough for letting my family experience a normal holiday, a traditional holiday since disaster struck our family. I am grateful to the core of my soul for everything you have done for us.”

Such impact is only possible because of the support of our community. Through your generosity, YOU touch us to the core of our souls. We are deeply appreciative.